Illuminating the Week of 3 June 2019

We enter this first week of June with a new moon in Gemini inviting interaction. Interaction as defined by Gemini energy indicates social gatherings. The sort of interaction coming through for us this week, however, is quite different.

Illuminating the Week of 3 June 2019 | An intuitive energy reading by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #awakening #thetower #energyreading #cardreading #intuitivereading #thesoulways

Our week is illuminated with Awakening* and Tower**. Awakening's subtext speaks accurately to the interaction in play. Tower's prevailing energy supports that, because we're called to make a change.

"The energy of interaction is that of internal to external. The sense of this indicates a reawakening to the soul purpose, and the crumbling of the structures which restrain the purpose."

In case it isn't clear, the Tower image includes Rapunzel. That's her braided hair cascading out the window and down to the ground. As an illustration of the energies at hand, imagine Rapunzel awakens to the notion she could cut off her braid. Doing this, she then could secure the braid and use it to escape her tower prison.

In essence, she uses her own resources to free herself from the structure restraining her. Once free, she may pursue her purpose in life; her soul purpose.

And that's our invitation, summarized. Put another way, we might say the invitation urges a (re)awakening to our infinite spiritual resources. With that (re)awakening, we may then pursue our soul purpose - our sacred service - unhindered by assumed restrictions.

Here's the thing:

In our humanness and its conditioning, it's easy to forget what we're truly capable of. It's easy to forget our root; our core which is our soul. And it's easy to forget that our soul interacts with Spirit because we are a facet of Spirit. The forgetting creates self-composed and self-imposed restraints.

We must remember who we are and bring that light out into the open. The energy this week supports that, big-time.

:: What is your soul purpose?
:: How will you put it to use this week?

*From Work Your Light oracle cards by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel.
**From Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt and Arwen Lynch.

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