Illuminating the Week of 22 April 2019

Now we enter our last full week of April, and we entered Taurus season, too. Seasonal energies are changing fast, and so are "gestational" energies - which makes sense. After all, we're approaching Beltane (May Day; May 1) here in the Northern hemisphere. Beltane marks the approximate halfway point between Spring and Summer. (I know!)

Illuminating the Week of 22 April 2019 ~ An intuitive card reading by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #cardreading #oraclereading #tarotreading #knightofwands #bobcatspirit #thesoulways

Illuminating the week of 22 April 2019

King of Wands from Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot and Bobcat Spirit from The Spirit Animal Oracle are our divination partners for this week.* And immediately, the similarity of coloration between the king and the bobcat stand out. Notice the green and rust and gold, especially.

"This week, the energy supports great creations, with a flare from the mystery. The flare from the mystery represents divine guidance and inspiration. The great creations are ideas ready for gestation toward their inevitable birth. This may be creations which will birth for the Summer, or even for the Autumn. Consider the activities now which support the birth."

Hmm... Summer school, anyone? Or maybe Summer camp, which sounds more inviting and fun. Well, that's if you like camping, of course. (For myself, glamping is the only way camping would happen.)

Whatever requires creation for birthing in Summer or Autumn, it's time to get on it. And we may need to be "bullish" about it, I hear, and watch out for naysayers. So that's to say, prepare to refocus and redistribute boundaries as needed.

So, what requires creation now - even just at the heartstorming level - to enter gestation for a Summer or Autumn "birth"? This could include anything from gardens to events, and work to play.

And how might we open ourselves for "a flare from the mystery" to lend its energy to that creation? Maybe our heartstorming could benefit from divination cards, soulful playlists and the like. And for what it's worth, I see Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic clairvoyantly.

Happy creating, divine creators. Blessed be.

*Pamela Colman Smith created Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot. Colette Baron-Reid and Jena DellaGrottaglia created The Spirit Animal Oracle.

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