Illuminating the Week of 18 March 2019

This is a big week for us, energetically speaking. In fact, it's triply so, in this year ruled by the energetic framework of the number three. And this triple effect lands squarely on one spectacular day: 20 March.

First, it's the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere (Autumn in the Southern hemisphere). The exact time, in EDT U.S., is 5:58 pm.

Second, it's the start of the new astrological year as we step into Aries season.

Third, we have the first of two back-to-back Libra full moons. This one peaks at 9:42 pm EDT U.S and it's a super moon, meaning it's closer than usual to Earth. That also means its impact upon us - and Earth - is greater.

Around this energy, I hear "blockbuster" and I hear "major impact." Buckle up, buttercups.

Illuminating the Week of 18 March 2019 ~ An intuitive energy reading by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ 10 of Pentacles from Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot and Cat Spirit from The Animal Spirit Oracle ~ #energyreading #intuitivereading #tarotreading #thesoulways

Illuminating the Week of 18 March 2019

So, our cards for this week are 10 of Pentacles from Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot by Pamela Colman-Smith, and Cat Spirit from The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid and Jena DellaGrottaglia. At first glance, on the surface, their energies appear disparate. That's unlikely to be the actual case.

Here's our channeled message:

"There presides an energy of cyclical completion, as evidenced by the ending of Winter and the astrological year, and the start of a new cycle with the beginning of Spring and the new astrological year. This is important, as there is a great release and refreshment in the same breath. The moon supports the release and illuminates the refreshment. The Libra energy offers a balance and a beauty to the tension of the cyclical ending and beginning. There exists the potential for a wondrous restart which will support the energy that enters through the equinox, and with the new year."

Feeling a strong outbreath - highly intentional and as though completely emptying the lungs - followed by an equally strong inbreath to refill and replenish. That's the base action of this change of seasons and astrological year, as overseen and illuminated by the full moon. A true balancing act, through and through.

As for claiming our independence...

"Through this, we notice an urge toward recreating a seemingly lost independence. This independence is one which reminds you to stand for who you be and what you believe in. This is a week to make your mark and to draw the lines of new boundaries around you, that you will foster this independent spirit."

Ahh... There's the "connective tissue" for the cards. In fact, it's so interesting to reflect on the figures in the Tarot card with the context of independence. While they're together in the picture, the elderly man sits to the side; the man and woman stand facing in opposite directions; the child looks away from the adults. Even in their togetherness, they're each exhibiting independence. They're one, and yet they're each their own person, with their own energy and purpose. A solid reminder for all of us.

This week, may we all find balance with the exhale and the inhale; with the ending and the beginning. And may we remember our independence within our oneness, and stand boldly for who we be and what we believe in.

  • Who do you be?
  • What do you believe in?
  • In what contexts do you need to remember your independence?

Blessed be.

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