Illuminating the Week of 15 April 2019

We've arrived at the middle of April already... And even as I typed "already" I realized I'm not perceiving time as moving crazy-fast, or even fast. At the same time, glancing back toward April 1 reveals how far we've traveled over a relatively short stretch of time. We packed a lot into that span.

Illuminating the Week of 15 April 2019 ~ An intuitive card reading by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ Eight of Cups from Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot and Turkey Spirit from The Spirit Animal Oracle ~ #8ofcups #turkeyspirit #cardreading #intuitivereading #tarotreading #thesoulways

Illuminating the week of 15 April 2019

One thing stands out immediately. Notice the full moon in the Eight of Cups from the Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot by Pamela Colman Smith. See Luna's acute watchfulness as the figure leaves behind what no longer serves their journey? It's super synchronistic, because this week finds us illuminated by the second of two back-to-back Libra full moons. And the energy of this Libra full moon begs us to release what causes imbalance, injustice, disharmony...

"Understand, it is powerfully available that you may release the burdensome ways of the imbalance with the moon's energy. There is a great surge toward releasing the imbalance which resides in the deepest recesses of the psyche, the body, the home, the governments, the planet. To do this, there must first be the illumination of what needs release. Then, there must be the surrendering to the release. This we ask of you."

Intuitive insight...

I see a giant wave moving in slow motion. Rather than rising high as a tsunami might, it hunkers down so it can focus its titanic energy on removing debris from those "deepest recesses." And so even as our spirit teams ask that we illuminate and surrender for release, we have help available to support us. The energy of this week is primed and ready for offering us support.

And behold our beautiful Turkey Spirit from The Spirit Animal Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid and Jena DellaGrottaglia. It encourages our surrendering and releasing with gratitude and grace. Rather than sputtering and moaning and groaning over the work, allow for grace. Allow for gratitude. They will serve us well.

-When you plumb the deep recesses of your psyche and body, what do you see?

-Where in your home can you identify and release imbalance?

-What in your life needs releasing this week that prevents you from achieving "an uncommon balance" (as I just heard)?

Restore may assist you with this process.

Blessed be.

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