Illuminating the Week of 13 May 2019

We're illuminating the week of 13 May 2019 with the Four of Cups* and Buffalo Spirit**. And for all the figure in the Four of Cups appears set on staying put, I hear we need to "charge ahead." (That charge seems tied to an internal growth spurt.)

Illuminating the Week of 13 May 2019 | An intuitive card reading by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ Four of Cups and Buffalo Spirit guide the way. | #4ofcups #buffalospirit #cardreading #energyreading #tarotreading #thesoulways

Also... Notice how the three cups before the figure - and even the one offered through divine means - may not "fill the well." Or perhaps they don't align. Buffalo Spirit steps in, assuring them (us) what we need will be provided. There's more:

"The ways of this week may reason with a perception of lack; of there being less than; of something missing. Rather than seeking and purchasing more for purpose of filling the well, wait... be in awareness... feel... listen. There comes a fulfillment which fills the well with that which aligns."

As humans, when we perceive something lacking - an empty shelf; an unfilled "well" - our knee-jerk reaction demands that we fill the void. Somehow, that perception of lack requires a "hit." Typically, we skew toward shopping carts of the physical or digital variety. Or perhaps we reach for food, or [another] can of beer or glass of wine, or even a drug.

It's an unconscious self-soothing mechanism we're asked to avoid this week. Instead, the guidance includes observing the discomfort of that lack. And during that observance, consciously make way for the delivery of something that truly fills the shelf or the well or the void. More than likely, that delivery comes from an internal source rather than external.

:: How do you typically "fill the well"?
:: What do you truly need for fulfillment?

Blessed be.

*Four of Cups from Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot by Pamela Colman Smith
**Buffalo Spirit from The Animal Spirit Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid and Jena DellaGrottaglia

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