Illuminating the Week of 10 June 2019

In illuminating the week of 10 June 2019, we illuminate actions that support our living wholly. And while that's the intention of all weekly readings, this one holds a different level of purpose.

Illuminating the Week of 10 June 2019 | An intuitive energy reading by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #protection #workyourlightoracle #fish #fairytalelenormand #weeklyreading #energyreading #intuitivereading #thesoulways


"Protection arises so that the human may better accommodate the influx of light. The activations which rain upon the earth require of the human a practice of disengaging from their disempowering relationships and stories."

Diving in, apparently, given the immediate channeled message. It seems obvious that disengaging ourselves from disempowering relationships and stories offers us an energetic boost. Anytime we give up our power - whether via relationships or the stories we claim - we lower our vibration. And when we lower our vibration, we render ourselves less able to accommodate activations.

Of course, we first must identify those relationships and stories in order to disengage from them. So this week calls for preparation through identification and disengagement. I suppose this is why I found myself guided to The Holistic Psychologist last week. She talks about disengaging from old stories through "writing your future self." (Find her on Instagram.)


"The fish follow the path of light, and honor their own wisdom. They turn not to another for example. They read each other's vibrations, and they know their true nature. This is as we see will benefit the human who rises in vibration. Choose your powerful self and engage with your telepathy and empathy. Treasure that which is your core self."

Oh, wow... So the "example" part feels like a nod to spiritual comparison. As for the "vibrations" part, bring to mind a video you may have watched where a large school of fish moves as though it's one fish. And fish know their "true nature" in that we won't find them trying to be cats, for example. Then there's engaging with telepathy and empathy; a true dynamic duo.

The bottom line is...

... we're clearly in for some serious upgrade action this week. Preparation for that looks like clearing the cobwebs and owning our powerful selves. And that preparation is something all of us will be served by, no matter whether we actively engage with activations or not. Let's rise.

Blessed be.

*Protection comes from Work Your Light oracle cards by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel.
**Fish comes from Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt and Arwen Lynch.

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