I Forgive Myself

I've mentioned before that the process of being in school to earn a degree that positions me as a certified holistic healer has resulted in a lot of work on myself, never mind homework and classwork.A recent exercise required that we look at where we needed to forgive ourselves in our lives, especially in our past where secrets like to hide.This is that exercise, for me.

I Forgive Myself

I forgive myself for not recognizing my fiancé was a pedophile before he acted on it.I forgive myself for placing blame on my child self, who was molested once, twice, three times between the ages of 9 and 12.It's in forgiveness that I rise up. It's in forgiveness that I move forward. I forgive myself. ~ Intuitive EllenI forgive myself for falling in love with a man who wasn't available to me.I forgive myself for allowing all of that, and more, to push me to the brink of madness and suicide before I gave myself permission to seek help.It's in forgiveness that I rise up.It's in forgiveness that I move forward - not forgetting - knowing that my spirit is greater than those scenes in the chapters of this book of life.

I forgive myself.

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