I Am Documentary

Yesterday I watched the documentary I Am online.I Am: The shift is about to hit the fan. It was everything I expected, based on the reviews of friends and like-minded individuals who had already seen it. Its tagline, "The shift is about to hit the fan," sums it up nicely. It's an audio-visual wake-up call for those who are ready or primed.


Ready meaning you've been working on your spiritual evolution.


Primed meaning your spirit team has been working to prepare you for your spiritual evolution. In this instance, the Evolve button may be pushed whether you feel ready or not.


If you find yourself wondering what it - life, that is - is all about, and craving something more, perhaps, I Am is for you.If you feel there is more to this life and world than you in your corner, and everyone else in theirs, I Am is for you.It was definitely for me, even though I've been eyeball deep in "the shift" for some time now. I was - am - gladdened to see it showing up in such a way, at such a time.You can watch I Am online through Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix. Please do, if you haven't. It will do you good, I can almost promise.It's thought-provoking and heart-warming and hopeful.It's energizing and engaging and evolutionary.It's a light in the dark.

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