Humbled By a Hula Hoop

I've been considering a weighted Hula Hoop as a means of whittling away at my stomach, waistline, and hips for several weeks. Hooping, as it's known, is becoming an increasingly popular mode of (fun!) exercise. Weighted hoops, though, while not inordinately expensive, are just pricey enough that I've been dragging my heels over making a commitment.

On Friday, on my way home from work, I stopped at Walgreen's to get one item that took me to the back of the store. I chose another route to return to the front of the store, and found myself in the seasonal aisle. There was a sizable display of Hula Hoops there, and a sparkly, dark pink hoop caught my eye. I left Walgreen's with two items.

I was an avid and accomplished user of the Hula Hoop when I was a little girl, so I figured picking it up again as an adult would be much like the proverbial getting back on the bike or horse. I was wrong.


I have been attempting to rekindle my hooping ability since Friday, and the longest I've been able to keep it up and in motion is about three seconds. On Saturday, I found myself on YouTube, watching how-to videos. What?

I am humbled by a Hula Hoop. That will change, however. I will persevere!

On another note, there were no Weight Watchers meetings yesterday in honor of Memorial Day, so I will weigh in at a meeting in another town tonight.

What about you? Can you rock a Hula Hoop?

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