How Do We Heal Earth?

How Do We Heal Earth?

I received the most poignant - to date - search inquiry on my site. Over the weekend of March 24 - 25, 2018, someone searched, "How do we heal Earth?"

How Do We Heal Earth? ~ Intuitive Ellen

Even though we're almost a month out from Earth Day 2018, I'm understanding this can't wait. Here we are, then.It feels important to glance backward before we act forward to heal Earth. Let's take a look.

Why Earth needs healing

From my guides:

The presentation of Earth was that of an oasis. The frequency of Earth supported great creatures and small creatures, and eventually humans. This engagement with Earth intended treasuring the planet and its inhabitants.The planet you call 'home' is reacting to toxins, rising temperatures, changing climates, pollution of waters and lands, indiscriminate hunting. There is a disease which has overtaken Earth, and it comes from the human inhabitants who abuse her.The choices made by humans have led to the destruction and devastation of species, lands, and sea. This is why there is need to heal Earth.

Those are the physical - the earthly - reasons for the need for Earth's healing. There are other reasons.

The other reasons Ellen speaks of relate to the energy emitted by the humans. This energy is of the emotions and the thoughts. It is the energy of hatred and violence; of intolerance and arrogance; of power-hunger and greed. As much as plastic pollutes the landfills and seas, the energy of the emotions and thoughts pollutes everything.

Exactly. And when they say "everything," they do mean everything; from core to exosphere.¹ (By the way, our pollution - earthly and energetic - doesn't stop there. That's for another post.)

How do we heal Earth?

The healing of Earth requires a two-prong approach, so to speak. We're long past the point where just one way or the other will do.Here's what I'm told, and what I know:

Feet on the ground Earth-side

From my guides:

To enact healing upon Earth with the human construct, there must be a powerful change of usage. There must be an eradicating of all drilling in the oceans and on land. There must be a changing of the diet. There must be support of the ecosystems. There must be work toward cleaning the air of toxins. There must be a great adherence to the cycles of the planet through its seasons.With these measures, and with the efforts of scientists who are encountering ways to harness the power of the sun and wind to produce energy without harm to the planet and her people, we feel Earth may heal.

Eradicating all drilling

So, to heal Earth, we need to dial back what we've done to her for the past 150-ish years or so, in terms of drilling. And that applies, too, to Earth's ecosystems, some of which we've killed already through our actions, whether knowingly or unknowingly. We're at the point where ignorance isn't an excuse, if it ever was.

Changing of the diet

We also need to change our eating to something more sustainable.  Eating meat and its related products with every meal is detrimental. According to research led by Oxford Martin school, "simply cutting down meat consumption to within accepted health guidelines, would make a large dent in greenhouse gases."² Imagine what could happen if, for example, only one of our three daily meals included meat or meat products. (Full disclosure: I choose to eat vegan, both for health and environmental reasons.)Both of the changes mentioned above will help to clean the air, and yet that cleaning must go deeper. There's a dire need to decrease and eradicate the use of chemicals that affect the air, land and seas. With the technology and scientific advancements of today, I believe the means to do this already exist. It's saddening to wonder if money - profits - is what may currently prevent it from happening.

Adherence to the cycles

The first thing that comes to mind around this is seasonal eating. By that, I mean eating foods in-season. While that might seem extreme (no "fresh" tomatoes in December for those in cold climates), it's really just back to basics.If you live in New Hampshire and want tomatoes in the Winter and Spring, can what you harvest in Summer. Canning might seem old-school, and yet I can't help but think how wise our ancestors were to do it. When combined with buying local, we have a winning combination on Earth's behalf. There's more, though. I can feel it.

We notice humans often ignore the ways of the seasons. They force growth when the Earth needs rest.

There it is. Just because we can doesn't mean we should. And in this case, the fact that we can and do comes with great repercussions. Technological and scientific advancements are terrific, until they harm our home planet.

Harness the power of the sun and wind

We're making strides in this area, and yet those strides are being slowed by some world leaders. Those leaders value profits over planet, and that's a problem.Solar power and wind power are free, past the technology of harnessing them. Adding solar panels to our properties and installing windmills (just like in the old days), will help heal Earth, and help us save money as consumers.

Something related to rivers

This wasn't mentioned in the channeled message above. It was shown to me clairvoyantly. I'm shown some sort of technology that uses the power of rivers - without disrupting the flow of rivers - to produce electricity. It's something that I'm told could create short-term "confusion" for fish that swim the rivers. Other than that, however, it wouldn't harm their environment.I asked my guides to explain it.

The program for the rivers creates a method by which the flow of the water enters through a great tray that collects the friction and transmits it to a power plant of a small size. There is no need for an extravagant fixture for a power plant, as the energy of the water does all the work. This lessens the impact of the mechanics of transforming the water energy to electricity, and assists with the stabilization of the environment.

Here's what I was shown, and channeled in my journal:A device shown to me clairvoyantly that will harness the power of river water without harming the environment. ~ Intuitive EllenOops. I didn't cross the Ts on "feet to" in the first sentence on the image. What I channeled was:

The tray needs a surface area of 36 feet to create the friction necessary to result in energy for electricity. The tray sits in the river, with the top of the tray near the surface of the water.

With a nod to the spatial aspects of the image, the dimensions of the tray would need to be about 3' x 12'. And I'm told this device is for "mighty rivers." The way it's shown to me, even though a river might be 500 or 1000 feet wide, there would only be two or three of these across its width. At less than 10% of the river's width, at the 500-foot mark, that's one way to lessen its impact on the wildlife.Of course, there has to be more to the mechanisms necessary to make the tray work on the reverse side. ("Yes.") What I'm shown makes no sense to me, since I'm no engineer.I asked about there being only two legs. With the side pieces, I thought perhaps I'd overlooked another pair of legs, and was told "no."I can feel the material of the tray. It feels like metal and yet it's very, very smooth. Almost as though there's a coating over it. I can feel the "nubs" of the holes against my finger tips. They're really small, which is why probably why I was given the name "pinpoints" for them.The cords almost feel like garden hose material. I'd approximate their circumference to be about that of coaxial cable. (See? My stint working for a VHS and VCR rental store back in the 80s is still giving back.)I fished for a diagram of the power plants, which they're calling "converters," several times. I caught a brief glimpse of its exterior, and it looks small. They're referencing the size of a push snowblower as a comparison. They're also showing me that the interior is complex; multiple layers. Definitely outside my scope of knowledge.The "pinpoints" in the "tray" are important. That's what creates the friction necessary to produce electricity.It would be amazing if someone with the vision and engineering chops could take this and run with it.For additional super practical and easily actionable ways to contribute to Earth's healing, you'll find a link at the bottom of this post.³

Feet on the ground light-side

This will be interesting. I'm a person who walks with one foot Earth-side and one foot "light-side" (soul side) at all times. That isn't the case for everyone, so this may be outside your wheelhouse, so to speak. Regardless, I encourage you to read what's written in this section for the sake of curiosity, if nothing else.From my guides:

The energy workers will wish to engage with their soul eye. Envision Earth, as though from space. See the markings of discord and despair. See the energies of the fault lines and volcanoes. Notice the gaping holes beneath the surface from drilling.From this vision, engage with energy work. Intend Reiki. Use the shamanic techniques. Employ psychic surgery. Take it upon yourself to engage all healing upon Earth and into Earth. Trust what you see and feel. Trust that you help.The grid-workers will wish to employ the clear quartz for the focal of the grid, and employ the energetics of black tourmaline and amethyst to form a grid which will support Earth's harmonics.The energy engineers who create the physical from the energy with their minds and hands will wish to envision the matter necessary to fill the voids for Earth's healing.

Holy mama. Okay. This is the first I've heard of energy engineers... Well, except for the indigenous woman in South America who has the ability to grow a plant from "nothing" in the palms of her hands.I'm shown the grid-workers - meaning those who work with crystal grids - are also those who work with Earth's grid. They may not realize that, and yet it's a fact. They also work with her ley lines, which is really important right now.For clarity, the "soul eye" is the third eye. It is the eye of the soul. How's that for a perspective?If you're an energy worker, grid worker, and/or energy engineer, let's light up; feet Earth-side and light-side. We can heal Earth.Sources¹ Earth's Atmospheric Layers: NASA² Eat less meat to avoid dangerous global warming: The Guardian³ Five Way to Heal Earth on Earth Day and Every Day: Intuitive Ellen

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