Honoring Our Power Hours

Honoring Our Power Hours


What do we accomplish when we feel...

  1. awake,
  2. energized,
  3. inspired,
  4. motivated and
  5. tuned in?

Let's ponder that question for a moment. Consider our answer with curiosity and maybe a little awe. Reward ourselves with a "well done."

Those five qualities combine to create something almost magical. I call them The Quintet of Awesome. Have you ever intentionally harnessed The Quintet of Awesome?

If the answer to the question above is "no," you aren't alone. (That may be an understatement.)

The Quintet of Awesome

The Quintet of Awesome: Honoring Our Power Hours ~ Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive

The magical nature of these five qualities combined in synergistic harmony is truly remarkable. They're fuel to the rocket; match to the wick; coconut milk to the curry; Marie Kondo to the junk drawer.

While The Quintet of Awesome might seem unicornish, in my experience they're more oatmealish. They're easily accessible on the daily, wonderfully satisfying, and really good for us.

What we need to be aware of is when it's "usual" for them to show up. That block of time is what I call our "power hours."

Identifying Our Power Hours

Our first step is to identify when our power hours fall. To do this requires only that we pause and reflect on the following:

  1. What time of day do I generally feel the most awake and energized?
  2. Am I also inspired and motivated during that same time frame? If no...
  3. What time of day am I most inspired and motivated?
  4. When am I generally most tuned in to my intuition and spiritual guidance system?

It may happen that these all coincide, or it may happy that they're on a sort of split-shift. There's no right or wrong time, there's only your best time.

These are your power hours. Now, consider how it might be to block off those power hours to invest your best self with The Quintet of Awesome.

These are my power hours, illustrated through calendar blocking:

Identifying and Calendar Blocking Our Power Hours: Honoring Our Power Hours ~ Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive

While there are fluctuations, depending on how I slept the night before, client calls, etc., these are my typical power hours. They're the block of hours during which I know I get stuff done. I mean, really "make hay," as the saying goes. Knowing this, I honor them accordingly.

Your power hours might be similar (and uniform), or they might be more sporadic. You might find that they ride your "second wind," or align with the moon's cycles... or your own moon cycle. It may be that they need cajoling to fit around your work schedule or your kids.

Whenever they may fall, the point is to honor them by making good, intentional use of them.

Honoring Our Power Hours

Honoring Our Power Hours ~ A blog post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #lifecoaching #inspiration #intentional #intuition #powerhours

Honoring our power hours might look like...

  • clearing our inbox with efficiency (and maybe glee)
  • meditating, writing morning pages, doing Yoga and juicing celery
  • completing our to-do list with great satisfaction
  • spending time at our altar with our matron, then tripping on the astral plane
  • finishing the laundry *and* the vacuuming and dusting (If this is you, bless you! Will you do mine, next?)
  • communing with tree spirits and learning how to help heal Earth
  • banking a handful of blog and/or social media posts
  • energy clearing our self, personal space and work space
  • making all those calls we've put off
  • lifting up the prayers and blessings we've meant to offer, and sending Reiki to someone in need (with permission, of course)

...or any combination of the above. The point is to honor our power hours by applying them to anything that's important to us. Those things that fill our well and likely align - to at least a degree - with our life purpose.

The invitation, then, is for you to 1) identify and 2) honor your power hours. Try it for a week, and notice what you accomplish, and how you - and what you do/create - change.

Questions to ponder:

  1. When are your power hours? Are they consistent, or do they vary?
  2. What tasks and/or practices are best conducted during those hours?
  3. What do you notice about yourself - your sense of value and esteem - when you honor those hours?
  4. How does honoring those hours impact you personally and professionally?

I'd love to know what comes of your investigation of and investment in your power hours. Comment down below, if you wish.

Blessings be.

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