Here, There, and Everywhere

Hello, dear ones! :-)I know it's been a while. I know it may appear as though I've dropped off the social media landscape again.Well, that first sentence is true, but the second is anything but.I've been a busy-busy bee! Three things (aside from the most important: family and friends) have been receiving my devotion of late:

  1. School: I am loving it, reveling in it, and soaking it up! It takes up a lot of my time - at least 20 hours per week and more like 30 to 35 hours per week because I'm "one of those" students. This will be the case through October, 2015, when I graduate. Om... ;-)
  2. Work, Part 1: I am growing my business. My end-goal is for it to be my main income source. The cool thing is, everything I'm learning at school will feed into it. Investing in me x2! :-)
  3. Work, Part 2: Thanks to one of Cori's work-from-home missives, I landed a part-time job that allows me to work from home - an ideal solution for me. I am now an "advisor" for a national psychic call-in network. Truth. I do Angel Card readings, psychic/intuitive readings, and a wee bit of mediumship. I love it! I get to do something I'm really good at, which happens to also be something I adore, and it helps people. That's a win-win-win! :-)

So, that's me. I'll be in and out, and intend to get back to posting once a week.I acknowledge that I dropped the ball on Outstanding October; just not enough hours in the day.I still plan to finish up the posts that didn't get written, and bundle the whole kit and caboodle into a free and beautiful ebook that will be available for download on this site, and possibly REH.What are you up to these days? Tell me, tell me all about it!