Hello, 47

This is one of the posts recovered after a botched website move in 2013. It was originally written and published on September 26, 2012.

Today is the anniversary of my birth, which took place 47 years ago.I'm a Libra, which above all else means that I adore balance and harmony in all its forms - except, perhaps, when it comes to art, design, and music; there's much to be said for asymmetry and dissonance.Maybe it's at least in part for that appreciation of asymmetry and dissonance that I've had a lifelong propensity for and adoration of singing middle parts in chorus and choir. Second soprano, please! Never a dull measure. ;-)Indecisiveness is also attributed to Libras, and I can acknowledge a propensity for it although I've been training myself to be ably decisive. Happily, that training is taking hold very nicely.Well, happily for me. For those who either 1) know me well and are used to my indecisiveness or 2) use my indecisiveness to their advantage there may be some confusion and uncertainty about this new-to-me and therefore new-to-them development.46 was a boatload of worry and discord sailing on ever-changing seas with a less-than-ideal ship. Life circumstances taught me the value of minimalism, and forced me to take up stakes and make a move I thought might break me.It didn't break me. I'm still here.Even though I'm fond of saying, I've earned the right to own my new age without reservation or angst, I didn't shake off the last links of my 46th year with gladness because of the vast unknown that 47 brings.You might say every new year - every new day, hour, minute, second - on this planet is a vast unknown, and I would agree. And yet...And yet, I feel there is more unknown than ever before; a dark, cavernous unknown.That said, I know what direction I want to head in, and have already set the "travel plans" in motion. It stands to be quite a ride. I hope you'll join me.

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