Healing Earth With Our Energy

The title of this post is derived from a search term on my site: "How do I help heal Earth with my energy?"

The short answer is, you don't. Because when you're facilitating energy healing - whether for yourself, for another person (or animal or situation), or for Earth herself - you aren't using your own energy.

At least, I hope you aren't.

I'll start with the point of the inquiry - healing Earth using energy healing - and then I'll address the "with our energy" part.

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Healing Earth...

Goodness knows, our beautiful Earth is in need of healing. And energy healing is a wonderful way to offer support. Whether you're focusing on...

-land or water,

-a specific geographical region, or

-the entire planet,

...any healing offered to Earth benefits her; eases her trauma; releases some stress; supports her recovery.

In fact, if you're a person who works with energy healing and wants to support Earth in this way, there are several areas to consider:

-the San Andreas and Cascadia faults (West coast U.S. and Canada)

-the Amazon rainforest

-the polar ice caps

-the Mariana trench

-any areas where oil drilling and/or fracking are occuring

Suggested way to approach this

First, focus on one of those areas, or another you're guided to, as though working on a person. Use a proxy, if you wish (a globe, a crystal ball, a pillow). Otherwise, picture Earth/the area through your third eye.

Next, intend energy healing in the way that makes sense to you. It doesn't matter if you're working with Reiki, shamanic healing, or something undefined. Whatever method you're working with, here are a couple things to consider:

If you're using a proxy, allow your hands to do what they need to, where they need to. Be super open and curious about this, as your intuitive hands may have different ideas than your subconscious mind.

If you're using your third eye, notice if you're intuitively guided to use symbolic tools as a support for the energy work. Be super open and curious about this, as you may be surprised by what's truly needed rather than what you think is needed.

In either instance, engage your intuition. Surrender to your intuition. Allow yourself to be guided through the process.

...with our energy

When we energy heal, we aren't using our own energy. Let me repeat that: When we energy heal, we aren't using our own energy. Instead, we're using universal energy; "energy of the cosmos"; source; the Force, if you will. It's that energy that surrounds and moves through all of us and everything.

If we were to tap our own energy for healing purposes, we'd soon be tapped out. Our energy stores would be depleted, or nearly so, and may affect our physical capacities. It could genuinely harm us to some degree.

This is an important distinction - vital, even. You see, even when we take care to work with universal energy rather than our own, we still may become tapped out. It all depends on what - and how much - we're doing at any given time. (If you've ever offered readings/healings at a holistic fair, you probably know what I mean.)

So... Please intend you're working with universal energy before undertaking any healing for Earth. Remember, you're dealing with a mammoth energy structure. Take necessary precautions around your self-care, so you can bring your best self and efforts to your healing work. Earth will thank you.

Blessed be.

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