Healing Earth Via Earth Grids

"How to heal earth via earth grids" is a search term someone entered on my site. While I've written several posts about healing Earth, addressing Earth's grid as a means for "expressing" healing hadn't occurred to me until then.

So, thank you very much to the person who entered that search term.

Healing Earth Via Earth Grids ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #earth #earthday2019 #earthgrids #energyhealing #energywork #thesoulways

What are Earth grids?

They're what meridians are to the human energy body. They're energetic lines of support for Earth's wellness. They express themselves horizontally and vertically, in conjunction with the Equator and the poles. (Ley lines are related, and yet we're focusing on the primary grid body.)

Healing Earth via Earth grids

Just as meridians benefit from energy work, including acupuncture, Earth grids benefit from energy work. If portions of the grids are "broken" or swollen or blocked in some way, it affects Earth's health.

Directing healing to Earth grids is a beautiful way to support healing and alignment. Earth grid healing work may be directed to the entire grid or to targeted areas. One isn't better than another, it all depends on which method intuitively draws you.

In either case, start by clairvoyantly visualizing the Earth grids. Refrain from expecting to see them a certain way. What you visualize will represent the best image from which to work. Once visualized, proceed by directing healing energy through you to the grids. Simple, really.

Related Story

I believe I saw a portion of the grids about 10 years ago or a little more. It was a shared experience with friends who aren't into the metaphysical at all. That made it all the more notable.

We stood on their deck one starry night, when we suddenly noticed illuminated lines running parallel to each other across the expanse of sky. At first, we thought there must be some sort of light show from a nearby city. Thing is, the lines went across the entire sky, as far as our eyes could see. We finally went inside, because it was getting cold. The lines were still on full display. It gives me goosebumps even today.

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