Harvest Moon Reading: 5 October 2017

Harvest Moon Reading: 5 October 2017

Today marks 2017's Harvest Moon. Conducting a reading around its energy was something I was guided to do, and to do publicly, via video.Full Moon Reading: Harvest Moon, 5 October, 2017 ~ Intuitive EllenI've transcribed the video, which you'll see just beneath this line of text. The transcription is below the video if you prefer to read rather than watch.Enjoy.https://youtu.be/zzXYq0muaZE

Transcription of Full Moon Reading: Harvest Moon, 5 October, 2017

Hello, there and happy full moon day. It's October 5, 1:44 pm Eastern time, about an hour before the full moon peaks, even though it won't be rising into our sky until quite a while later.So, I've already drawn three cards just to save some time. We are working with The Good Tarot. And this is by Colette Baron-Reid. The artwork is by Jena DellaGrottaglia.Let's find out what this full moon - this Harvest Moon - holds in store for us. We are once again reading from left to right.

The Hermit

Hermit ~ The Good Tarot, created by Colette Baron-Reid, artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia, published by Hay House LifeStyles.Well, for Heaven's sake. For anyone who watched the October energy reading, The Hermit is one of the cards that came up for October's energy. Let's find out what The Hermit means specifically for this full Harvest Moon today.

And perhaps there would be some notice put to the quiet. There is quiet in the energy today. When the week began, the energy was frenetic, frantic, angry, remorseful. In this day, time, present, there is only quiet. There is stillness, and in this stillness there is hope.

Oh... Wow. Okay. I'm really drawn into the nine on this card. Let me just - I know there's a glare, because if I don't have my light on you can't see the cards properly. But there's the nine. And yes, it's right in the middle of the card, but I don't necessarily tend to see it.Sometimes, it seems to not even be there when I look at this card. Today, it's striking. And I believe it's because of the numerology of the number nine, which is about endings; completion. And so... I just heard, "cycle."What cycle is completing with this full moon - this harvest moon? That word just echoed in my head, so the harvest part is important.What does harvest mean for you?What can you harvest at this time of quiet?In quiet, what can be brought forward? What can be released?Because, when you stop and think about the harvest, which is reaping, at the same time there is also a letting go. The Harvest Moon really signifies "the last hoorah," as I just heard, of the harvesting season. So, that's an ending. Right? The nine. It's an ending. So, consider those-I'm being pointed to the keys at the top of the card, as well. Let me bring this back up again so you can see. There are one, two, three, four, five, six keys, at least, strung across the top of the card. And so...

We wonder, can you suppose the keys can offer you entrance into stillness?

So, that may seem a bit oblique, and yet there's purpose for that. You need to identify what those keys are. What keys must you use - there doesn't need to be six of them even though six were pointed out to us.What keys do you need to access that stillness?Okay? All right, let's go to the second card.

Queen of Air (Queen of Swords)

Queen of Air ~ The Good Tarot, created by Colette Baron-Reid, artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia, published by Hay House LifeStyles.My Queen. I say, "My Queen," because the suit of Air in The Good Tarot is the suit of Swords in traditional Tarot and, because I'm a Libra and Libra is an air sign, I always think of myself as the Queen of Air.So, anyway, let me bring this closer, too. I apologize, I need to remember to do that so you can really see the artwork up close because it's absolutely gorgeous. And also notice what stands out for you from the symbology here. Okay?Let me put that back and find out what we need to know about the Queen of Air.

Perhaps you could understand, the moon, Luna, is as Queen of Air. And when you are in understanding what this can mean, then perhaps will you choose to engage with Luna in a way that can interpret your intuition through your thoughts.

Well, that's really interesting. So, yes, the [suit] of Swords - the [suit] of Air... think of it as brainy. Think of it as the brainy suit. And when you think of the brain, of course - Well, I'm using the word "think" and the brain creates thoughts.The things is, our intuition doesn't come from our brain. Our intuition comes from - through - our soul star chakra, down through our crown chakra, and into our third eye and also heart and solar plexus chakras.It's the third eye chakra through which we see what comes through intuitively. And I'm really appreciating the notion that our brain actually does have a function to help us interpret intuition.And actually, that's really - I've never thought of this before, but this is really working for me. I often see visions and words, and I feel words and hear words. The thing is, the words are always in English, or almost always in English, and it's my brain that brings up those associations based on my humanness; based on what I know.So, that's all to say... What is that all to say? That as we're pondering the moon, which is extremely powerful in terms of intuition, consider how our brains can help us to interpret those intuitive elements.Wow... I feel like there's a lot more than that. My head is going in a circle, like "yes" and "no," "yes" and "no." Perhaps there is, and yet it isn't really important. Like, that's enough said.And again, too, I have a sense it's really important for each of us to take what resonates from that - from any of this - from this one, which I find a little bit challenging, and to interpret it in the way that most resonates with where we are; with what we're doing. Okay?Oh, boy. Geesh.

Love (The Lovers)

Love ~ The Good Tarot, created by Colette Baron-Reid, artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia, published by Hay House LifeStyles.Okay. And there we are with Love. Powerful stuff here. I love this interpretation of the [The Lovers] card. So...I'm hearing the song, "What the World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love." Let's find out more about that card.

And when you are loving, there is no ego. If your love comes with judgement - if your love come with "but," comes with "except" - then this is not a representation of love. It is representation of ego.Brain contributes mostly to ego. Quiet opens way for love. In this, we would have you understand, love prevails when quiet is sought, honored; brain is only used for a tool.

Wow. That's an interesting reading for this full moon. In some ways, it feels heavy in terms of its importance. This feels like a lesson. It feels like a master class, in many ways. And I would encourage you to seek out your guides; to ask them for more information.Do some journaling around this. Whether it's for each card individually, or if there's one card in particular, or two cards in particular that stand out for you; that feel like they need your attention... Do some journaling. Do some channeled writing.And notice what comes up for you. Notice what your guides have to say to you. Notice what your guides need for you to do under the light of this full moon that will help you to harvest what needs harvesting and release what needs releasing.

Charge and Clear

Just a friendly reminder that it's the full moon that is ideal for cleansing and charging crystals, pendulums, decks of cards that you use for divination. Anything of that nature.Even- They're showing me jewelry. If you have jewelry that has crystals in it, or stones - gemstones of some sort - put them on a windowsill. Let them get some lunar light tonight, and take advantage of that energy.And I'd love for you to share what comes up for you. Please feel free to use the comments for that.And if you feel like there's stuff coming up for you that you need help with, you're most welcome to purchase a service with me. I will put the link to my website underneath this video.Thank you so much for watching. Happy Harvest Moon. Blessings.

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