Happy New Year - of the Rooster

Happy New Year again!Today marks the Chinese New Year, and it's the year of the rooster.Happy New Year! It's Chinese New Year, the year of the rooster.You know, after yesterday's post about the energy of this year - a one year and so a magician year and so a create-all-the-things and make-things-happen year - you'd think I would expect the rooster to fit into that fold quite neatly.I didn't. Imagine my surprise and delight when I learned that the rooster is number 10 of the 12 animals which figure into the Chinese zodiac.In numerology, the 10 becomes a 1: 1 + 0 = 1.On top of that, the rooster is associated with the element of fire. And what does fire do? It creates change. It's the doer. It's the fire in the belly. It's the red-hot lover.Holy mama, that just goes right ahead and triples the creator and manifestor energy for this year. How fortunate are we?What might our guiding message for the year of the rooster be?

We see the year of the rooster asks for growth and for movement. We notice this energy is one of great change and great fortune.The rooster wishes to work. The rooster wishes to be of service. The rooster rises with the sun and rests with the moon. The rooster wills itself upon the creation of a new life of great prosperity and transformation.Through the year of the rooster, we notice there will be the need to balance fire with water. The fire energy can create great change and yet can also destroy. The water energy will permit the fire to burn in safety.

Ooh... I'm loving that so much.I especially like the caution around balance. Water is the yin to fire's yang, in this instance. Fire is an earth element that stabilizes and improves and improvises and creates, which is all fantastic, and yet it's a very masculine energy.Water is a feminine energy that also stabilizes and improves, and yet it tends to flow without intentional (sharp) improvisation or creation. There's the balance.New Year blessings! 💗

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