Guidance for the Week of September 26, 2016

Here's our guiding card and message for this week - September 26 through October 2, 2016:

Joy: Guidance for the week of September 26 - October 2, 2016 ~ Card from Mario Duguay's Oracle of the Angels deck

Joy ~ From Mario Duguay's Oracle of the Angels deck.

We see the energies which are receding from the Mercury retrograde are making room for a volume of free-spiritedness which has been lacking for some time.

We see the free-spirited nature of the new energies is building up to the new moon, which brings with it a new set of energies upon which will be built the new work to be done throughout 2017.

We wish for you to be in noticing the signs and synergies which abound in this week.

We see we will wish to be bequeathing you with all the signs and symbols and synchronicities you will need to ascertain the next course of action which will energize your evolution through your spiritual journey and soul purpose.

We wish for you to be in attention, and to be noticing the variety of ways in which the new energies and the new knowings can be working in the favor of who you are and how you serve.

Wow, wow, and wow, dearies! What a message!!

Let's tune in more than ever. Just heard "daily draw" and see that a daily card draw specific to this energy will be helpful and, as I also just heard, "fruitful."

And so it is! ?

This message was channeled on September 24, 2016.

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