Guidance for the Week of October 3, 2016

Here's our guidance for the week of October 3 through October 9, 2016.

A Change in the Wind: Guidance for the week of October 3 through October 9, 2016

A Change in the Wind from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

We see for change to be made there must be change made. We see the possibility of a riddle, and yet assure you this is not so.

The powerful energies of the October will ask all to make significant changes in how they be. We see in this way there must be conscious awareness of creating such change.

We see in being in the conscious awareness of creating change, change will result. We see this is the way in which the human realm is powered. We see there is need of effort to create result.

We present you with the opportunity to be in a state of non-resistance to what we offer you for the needs of the changes to create. We see we are in communication of what must be done.

We see in this way we are in assistance to you. We see this is the way in which we can assist and then you must be in creating the effort and the change.

Wow. I call that an earful.


I hear "transition" and understand October is a great month for and of transition. Consider the major portion of the physical example of Summer's turn to Autumn in the North and Winter's turn to Spring in the South happens during the month of October.

All we need to do is look outside to see that is so. And we're just getting started here at the top of this illustrious month.


That's an interesting word to hear since it appears out of context with the message so far.

We see we are wishing for all to be in consideration of the terminology which is used to the self. We see words such as "hate," "bad," "requirement," "trust," and "joy" intermingle. We wish to be in reminding you the words are important and their energy more important.

We wish for you to consider the words "hate," "bad," and "requirement" present an energy which claims the person to be in the control of the ego.

We wish for you to consider the words "trust" and "joy" present an energy which allows the person to be in flowing with the one.

The terminology of the human is such that the words are released without consideration for their energy. We see this must be in the changing of this month.


I heard that opportunistic word as I finished typing "month."

We wish for you to understand the great opportunity which is offered to you. We wish for you to be in keeping with the opportunity. We wish for you to be in considering the opportunity as a way to make the changes which will be of great and joyful impact upon your life.

Wow. All of this is feeling in alignment with the message that came through regarding the new moon - the black moon - from this past Friday.


The changes which begin in this new week and which spill into this new month will present far-reaching consequences. The nature of those consequences - aka changes - will be up to us based on how we be and how and what we change in our lives.

There's much more to come, dearies. Blessings be.

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