Guidance for the Week of October 17, 2016

Our guidance for the week of October 17 through October 23, 2016.Coming Apart: Guidance for the week of October 17 through October 23, 2016

"We wish for you to be in understanding there must be a coming apart before there can be a coming together. We see this creates uncertainty in the human realms. We see this creates a yearning for powerful Solidarity."The forces of the ego body which created the patriarchal systems by which Earth is currently ruled are in the process of unraveling. The powerful forces of the truth, which resides in the spirit and is of the matriarchal divine feminine is coming into power and is creating unprecedented disharmony."We offer to you this opportunity to be in energizing the feminine to assist with the unraveling of the masculine. In this way, we see the ego will calm and the spirit will rise and the Earth will heal."

My thoughts on this message attribute much of it to the tremendously contentious U.S. presidential election.It's come down to an actual race between the masculine and the feminine, although it must be acknowledged that Mrs. Clinton embodies much of the patriarchal in her way of being - perhaps largely by need given the patriarchal system which is our government.Even so, it's hugely striking that we're seeing this presidential race now down to a male and a female; representatives of the masculine and the feminine.While I'm not thrilled to report this, I'm obligated to say it feels like we're in for a lot more in the way of disharmony before we find relief and release from this "monstrosity" that is the energy of this election. It feels like there's going to be a "massive spike" before it all comes to resolution.And in considering that understanding, I can also report I'm not surprised. We're in the process of "bucking a system" that's been mostly present for the past two thousand years. Is it any wonder there's so much discord?This week, we'll do well to remember to come back to our breath and our heart.

Energizing the Feminine

Guidance for the Week of October 10, 2016