Guidance for the Week of November 7, 2016

Here is our guidance for the week of November 7 through November 13, 2016.When I've overshared I simply say, "Wait. Why am I talking?" ~ Guidance for the week of November 7 through November 13, 2016. Card from Gabrielle Bernstein's Miracles Now deck.

This card is from Gabrielle Bernstein's Miracles Now deck.

Well. I was excited when I was guided to draw a card from the Miracles Now deck, and then I was confused when this was the card of choice. Before posting it here, I double-checked with my spirit team to be sure it was "the one." It's the one.Let's find out what we need to know about this card's wisdom.

"The message we wish for you to be in keeping this week is one which will assist to keep peace through the election and its aftermath."We notice you are in great upset over the election. We notice you anger more readily and grieve more readily and present yourselves in the manner of the ego more readily."We wish for you to be in a state of diligence for the words which you speak and the words which you think. We wish for you to be in practicing peaceful thoughts and peaceful words and peaceful deeds."We see there will be need for this on the part of all humans no matter who wins the election. We see there will be worldwide turmoil more so for one than for the other, and yet either choice will create turmoil."We see this is a time of great opportunity and great change. We see this is a time to remember your hearts. We wish this of you this week and always."

Okay, then. Now it makes sense.The gateway question is, "Why am I talking?" The deeper (real) questions are,

? "What am I thinking and saying and feeling?"? "What am I putting out into the world?"? "How am I contributing to peace over unrest?"? "Is my heart or my ego taking the lead?"

This guidance is as much wisdom as a caution, and it's also "wreathed" (my spirit team loves that word) with hope.We have the great capacity to steer the ship of the United States presidential election results into peaceful waters no matter who wins.That's our mission for this week. We can do that. We need to do that.Let's be a part of the solution (and resolution), rather than a part of the problem.Are you in? I am. Blessings.

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