Guidance for the Week of November 14, 2016

Before we dive in to this week's guidance, I need to report that I published this as planned yesterday only to lose it in the final transitions of my site to a new host. Oops.What's particularly interesting about the "oops" is that yesterday's guidance for the week no longer applies. I'll be drawing a different card (or cards) and channeling a new message.It's a prime example of how much can change in the space of a mere 24 hours; ourselves, those around us, and our world as a whole.Here's our guidance for the week of November 14 through November 20, 2016.Guidance for the week of November 14 - November 20, 2016. Cards from Keepers of the Light oracle deck by Kyle Gray.

These cards are from Kyle Gray's Keepers of the Light oracle deck.

"We notice the discord is building as those who desire to be in service to all people are powered to create great change."We wonder how it may be that all people see the need for this change. We open the eyes of those who are ready, and yet we notice they close their eyes to the light."The light removes all filters. The light removes all shadow. In the light, there is only the fullness and wholeness of the truth of all creation: harmony."The opening which comes in the next month will require all people to see in the light. The promise of this is great, as it will necessitate great and powerful change for the benefit of all people, and all animals, and all Earth."The result of this may bring emergence of greater discord before there can be harmony. We see this as truth. We organize the lightworkers to be assisting the change."True abidance with the heart and the spirit will promote tremendous healing from the core of Earth out to the entirety of Earth's atmosphere. This is as it must be. This is how the harmony will be reborn."We wonder: The truth as we are presenting it is the truth for you? We see the yes answer will honor the one."

Holy mama, dearies.Let's take a closer look at these cards and how they fit into the message above.

Lord Shiva ~ Transcendence

As I look at this card I hear (and feel) "cusp." We are on the cusp of something monumental. We are being ushered to the door and we have to go through it. There's no turning back now.Many of us have been shown glimpses of what's coming for months now. Feeling it coming into being is very different from sensing its approach, even with the steps we've been given so we can "rise up" and "dance with the universe."The turbulence is almost off the charts. Other lightworkers are aghast by what they're noticing within their own supportive communities as blindfolds and veils are being torn away.There's a rawness to it that speaks to deep vulnerability and deeper soul-searching. There isn't one of us that is without some level of work to do on ourselves so that we be of service fully to the collective.We're standing at the doorway of a great transcendental change. It's time.

Lady Portia ~ Divine Order

The important lesson mentioned is one that's specific to the concept of all Earth living in harmony. There is a dire need for the people of Earth to act as though we are a global community, because... We are a global community.We're fast approaching a time when the borders of countries will be nearly - if not completely - obsolete. Those borders are the constructs of the human ego, not the spirit.Those borders represent power and money, not humanity; not heart; not the one.To be clear, "the one" is all of us: Every human, every creature, every spirit and angel and fairy, etc.???? There is no "I" in the one; there is only "we."???? There is no "my" in the one; there is only "our."As we witness an uprising of the "I" and "my" over the "we" and "our" through hate crimes and a call to put up bigger walls through the media and in person, there is an even greater uprising of the "we" and "our" over the "I" and "my."???? The former speaks to revolution: warring.???? The latter speaks to evolution: healing.Our guidance for this week is to open ourselves to the truth. Our guidance is to keep our eyes open even when the light shows us something uncomfortable or intolerable.We're in the unique position to see what's been done for too many years now, worldwide, for what it really is, and to change it; to heal Earth as a unified, loving global community and return it to its divine order and ourselves with it.Blessings.

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