Guidance for December, 2016

Here's our guidance for December, 2016.Guidance for December, 2016 featuring Djwal Khul, Master Buddha and Horus from the Keepers of the Light oracle deck, and "I let go and allow the universe to do her thing" from the Miracles Now deck.Before drawing these cards, I asked - multiple times, to my own chagrin - if this was supposed to be a video reading."No," "No," and *ahem* "No."The only drawback to this not being a video is you didn't get to hear my gasps, laughter, and "yup" as the reading revealed itself in its entirety. Perhaps you can imagine them, instead. ;-)Let's dive in, shall we?

Djwal Khul: Dharma Unfolding

This card is from Kyle Gray's Keepers of the Light oracle deck.

"We notice great forces at work against you as your spirit seeks to be in mastery of your life. We wish for you to understand the reasoning with which these forces come to you."The forces are of the human ego and all it has painstakingly gathered over the course of your lifetime. The ego wishes to remain in mastery. The mastery of the ego cannot survive the shift which comes."

How perfect that message is. Imagine a traditional confrontation between the forces of darkness and the forces of light, and there you have what we're up against; keyword: up.We'll be called to "rise up" again and again this month as the new energies take hold and our lives are changed for the better one beautiful step at a time.

Master Buddha: Increased Awareness

This card is from Kyle Gray's Keepers of the Light oracle deck.

"We see you will have a great noticing of the weeping ego and the smiling spirit as they come to an agreement of great benefit."

"Witnessing" is what we find within the increased awareness we'll be guided to invest in the "championship" between the ego and the spirit.There is only one outcome for all, however it may present itself. As the spirit becomes the champion, we are the champions.

Horus: Cosmic Gateway

This card is from Kyle Gray's Keepers of the Light oracle deck.

"The pathways to the new Earth are already seeking alignment. The energies which come are already taking their stations around the world. The powerful grace with which these energies are powered awakens all hearts to their fullness of being."The grace of the energies eases the humans into a state of wholeness and wellness and joy and peace. The presence of the one will be felt and understood. The world will greet a new day with peace on Earth."

When we choose peace, our thoughts come into alignment with the knowing of our spirit. Through peace, miracles occur.

"I let go and allow the universe to do her thing"

This card is from Gabrielle Bernstein's Miracles Now deck.

"We see there must be the quality of surrender. We see the human must decide to experience the energy through the lens of awareness or the lens of blindness. "We notice in awareness there is the understanding and ability to power the life as a miracle."

There is such a power in surrender. It's convenient to think (operative word) that surrender means doormat status. Far from it. The strength to choose surrender is awesome indeed. It's impossible to surrender and be as a doormat.As we let go of the need to be in control and loosen the reins of the ego, we are deeply blessed with a power unlike anything we've been told can exist.Let it go.

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