Growing Pains and Pleasures

Yesterday morning, I was struck anew by how the sun's position in the sky has changed since Summer began back in June.The rising sun has scooted lower on the horizon, so it's 4:30 am wake-up call is more like a 6:30 am wake-up call.The rising point has changed, too. Where it was coming up over the fields of the farm down the road a bit, it's now coming up almost directly across the street; not fully visible until it crests the trees that line the road.And that leads me to its setting point, which no longer blisters the kitchen window with its impact until it dips below the forest's tree line. Instead, it tucks itself behind the pines and oaks and walnuts way before it can even think of glancing off the kitchen window.Sisters of the Seasons oracle cardAs the sun changes, the seasons change. And as the seasons change, and the months and years drift by, so too can relationships change.

Unexpected Pleasures

This spiritual journey has gifted me with pleasures I didn't imagine were truly possible:

In the name of balance, of course, when we experience pleasure, we also experience pain.

Not-so-Unexpected Pain

Over the weekend, pain entered to create some balance.It would be more comfortable to report that it was unexpected. It would also be untrue. I learned that a long-time friend has taken great issue with what I'm currently doing, because of disbelief in it. (Not in me, to be clear; an important distinction.)The pain - the sorrow, to be specific - comes from the realization that this might be "it" for that relationship.

  • I can't (won't) go backward.
  • I can't (won't) stop channeling the archangels or ascended masters.
  • I can't not be who and what I need to be to fulfill my soul purpose.

As I expressed to those who brought me this friend's concerns on Sunday, I clearly see that I'm reaching a point at which there will be little, if any, differentiation between me - Ellen - and those with whom I'm so deeply and intricately connected: the archangels, and, perhaps especially, the ascended masters.I see that I'm reaching a point where all will be one. And it has me wondering if that has been the case since day one, and I was unable to grasp it, or maybe accept it.The sorrow on Sunday, as I came to terms with the very good likelihood that another long-time friendship was unraveling, was deep and harsh. I allowed myself to process it over the course of that evening, and then I slept on it.Yesterday morning, as I noted the changed position of the sun, amidst the lingering sorrow... there was peace.

Spiritual transformation isn't for the faint-hearted, and it isn't meant to be journeyed alone. Stay tuned for an opportunity that may help you to feel less alone, and more supported.
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