Give Yourself to Love

Happy Solstice!

I was honoring the Solstice's arrival with a self-guided meditation. I brought my focus to my heart center, drawing light down through my crown and up through my feet. I was loving the expansion of color and the wonderfully overwhelming feeling of ... "LOVE." The word reverberated in my mind and was closely followed by the chorus of this beautiful song: YouTube - Kathy Mattea - Give Yourself to Love

I have been blessed to sing this lovely piece with two loving soul sisters on occasion and it is truly beautiful. While it seems to be sung predominantly at weddings (understandably so), in my mind it suits love for anything - and anyone.

"Give yourself to love,
if love is what you're after.
Open up your heart
to the tears and laughter and
give yourself to love."

Bright, loving Solstice blessings, beloved. xo

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