Gemstones and Chakras: Applications and Associations

While I've appreciated the beauty of gemstones for a long, long time, the only gemstone I thought of as anything other than beautiful, up until my mid-40s, was amethyst.

In 1997, I was schooled on the esoteric properties of amethyst thanks to a job at a business whose name included the gemstone.

Why didn't it occur to me that if amethyst possessed such qualities, other gemstones might?

My best answer: I hadn't awakened spiritually.

When I received the bulk of my Reiki training in 2009, I was introduced to gemstones as a healing ally in Reiki sessions. That didn't appeal to me at all. Somehow, I just didn't feel that the gemstones were meant to play on Reiki's otherwise clear playing field.


From Spring of this year, gemstones became a fun component of the healing sessions I shared with my friend and fellow healer, Tina.

When the Master Energy entered the landscape of our monthly sessions, their usage became more purposeful and more layered. (Notable that essential-oil usage worked similarly. In one memorable session, at least eight essential oils were used.)

Now, gemstones feel like colleagues, and even friends. Their vibrational benefits can amplify the effects of meditation, intuitive sessions, and energy clearing and healing sessions - including strengthening the chakra (chalk-ra) system.

I may have been slow on the uptake, and yet I've fully embraced their remarkable strength.

Gemstones & Chakras: Applications and Associations.

About using gemstones in healing sessions:

Unless the placement of a gemstone on a client creates discomfort or distraction, there's no "right" way to put them to work for you. There is, however, a recommended way: intuitively and/or spiritually guided.

In the healing sessions during which I use them, I may be guided to place stones:

  • on a client's chakra points
  • on joints, over organs, and in or under hands
  • at the head and foot of the healing table
  • under the healing table
  • under the client (for example: the curve of their back or neck)

It's happened that the gemstones I began the session with were not the ones I finished the session with.

It's happened that the gemstones I was guided to use never left my hands, and were instead applied during the flow of the session.

There's no one way. Be curious about and therefore open to the guidance that will make the session completely personal and most effective for the client on your table.

Here are a few of my favorite gemstones:

Amethyst reigns supreme for intuitive clarity and enhancement. This quartz gemstone restores peace and tranquility, and can contribute to prosperity. It’s a great ally for the root, solar-plexus, throat and third-eye chakras.

Apatite supports those who are here to serve through the spiritual arts, especially. This crystal gemstone promotes loving acceptance, and is a beautiful choice for root, solar-plexus and heart chakra work.

Aventurine supports abundance and success, as well as calm, creative expression, imagination, dream work, self-worth, and balance. It’s great for healing sessions. This quartz gemstone promotes the functions of the root, sacral, solar-plexus, and throat chakras.

Black Onyx creates a safe, secure, and protective environment for the inner child, and balances our primal instincts. This mineral gemstone supports the functions of the root and sacral chakras.

Blue Tiger Eye increases personal power and creativity, and heightens both physical and mental capacities. This quartz gemstone aids the healthy function of the sacral, solar-plexus and third-eye chakras.

Citrine fosters abundance and generosity, protection and strength, pleasure and confidence, healing and truth, creativity and assimilation. This quartz gemstone supports the function of the sacral, solar-plexus, and third-eye chakras.

Clear Quartz resonates with the eighth chakra – the higher self and the soul; our spiritual nature. Its powerful vibration with white light makes it a fantastic choice for protection and clearing. This quartz gemstone strengthens the third-eye and crown chakras, as well as the higher-self chakra.

Dumortierite creates an opening which allows the user to access their innate spiritual abilities, and glimpse the promise and purpose of their soul. This crystal gemstone promotes longevity and creativity, and may decrease the effects of depression. It’s ideal for work with the root, sacral, third-eye, and crown chakras.

Fluorite is beloved of angel energies and spirit guides, as it helps to open, strengthen and maintain those channels of communication. This mineral gemstone is a powerful ally for the aura, and for the third-eye and crown chakras.

Gold Tiger Eye aids clear thinking, grounding, courage, and integrity, making it ideal for personal development and empowerment. This quartz gemstone supports clearing illusion, and the healing of the solar-plexus chakra.

Green Jade calls in grounding energies that attract harmony and peace. This crystal gemstone promotes the capacity to handle the most challenging of situations, as it supports the root and solar-plexus chakras.

Kyanite opens the third eye, making it possible to receive information and support from the spirit and angel realms. This mineral gemstone can support the removal of energy blocks, and restores trust, clarity, and calm. It’s an excellent choice for crown chakra work, too.

Moonstone opens users to the essence of their femininity. This mineral gemstone supports intuition, divination, and the ability to achieve dreams and desires. It’s ideal for use with the third-eye chakra.

Opal is the cloak of invisibility of the gemstone and crystal world. Its properties support fading into the background in situations where visibility might be dangerous. This mineraloid gemstone coincides with inspiration, and enhances the function of the root, sacral and third-eye chakras.

Pink Tourmaline provides hope, protection, and repair for the brokenhearted. This mineral gemstone promotes love, peace, and openness. It’s ideal for healing the heart chakra.

Pyrite, aka Fool’s Gold, is a powerful amplifier of the ability to increase wealth. This mineral gemstone is long valued for its protective and healing properties. It amplifies the function of the root and third-eye chakras.

Rhodonite alleviates anxiety, mental unrest, and confusion. This crystal gemstone promotes calm, and supports the healing of physical and emotional traumas. It’s exceptional for healing the solar-plexus chakra.

Snowflake Obsidian creates openings to release the things which have forged blocks in energy channels in the subtle body. Through that release, balance is restored, and through that balance change is met with serenity. This volcanic glass also provides shielding, and promotes the wellness of the root and crown chakras.

Sodalite aids with creative expression, stimulates sensuality and intuition, and resonates with ideals and universal truths. This mineral gemstone supports the sacral, solar-plexus and third-eye chakras.

Tiger Eye aids with the creation of harmony and balance in the scope of intuitive action, while promoting discernment. This quartz gemstone supports the healing of the sacral, solar-plexus, and third-eye chakras.

White Onyx creates a feeling of safety when used during intuitive work, and also during times of intense grieving. This mineral gemstone supports the health of the root and crown chakras, especially, and will promote the balance of all chakras.

I've put together a complimentary - and complementary :-) - PDF that includes identical information about each of the gemstones mentioned in this post, plus includes an image of each of the stones. It's both pretty and useful.

If it's something you feel would be helpful in your own spiritual and/or healing practice, you can click here to download it automagically.

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