Galactic Gateway: Spiritual Mastery

"Galactic Gateway" is amended from the original channeled title of the post, which was "Opening the Powerful Tower." That share will explain the first sentence of the channeled text below.Galactic Gateway: Spiritual Mastery ~ The galactic gateway is an access point for universal and "one" energies. Its opening is near. ~ Intuitive EllenAs with last week, the block of channeled text, which is the heart of this post, measured exactly 311 words. How does that happen?This is the first I'm hearing of the galactic gateway, and I have a confession: I feel what I imagine an astronaut might experience in the weightlessness of space around this. I feel untethered; without an anchor or a sense of what's up or down.It's so very unfamiliar to me and yet... As I write that, something stirs in my solar plexus and there's an ache in my throat and the whisper of tears in my eyes. The stirring is a sort of remembering - perhaps the start of remembering. I can only imagine what it may be that's working it's way to the surface of my present consciousness.

The Galactic Gateway

Here are the 311 words:

The powerful tower we speak of is the galactic gateway. The galactic gateway accesses all energies of the universe and the treasured one.The present time frame is in readiness to open the tower. The present people open to the tower, yet engage without knowing. This creates a dynamic of some confusion as there will be great confusion among those who are as yet reasoning with ego.The galactic energies enter through the tower, which has been placed within the field of the Earth. This tower is as though an antenna, as it receives and transmits with equal velocity. The energy of the galactics portends a great disease ending.The great disease is that of the oppression and the suppression and the falsehoods. The powerful energies of the galactics withstand only truth, only ease, only light. This will not dismiss shadow, and yet it will mute shadow.The tower is waiting for its engagement. The time frame for the engagement ensues with the coming of the February treasured day of the love, through which there will appear as though a flash of great insight then a great understanding, then a great truth which will make obsolete the past.On the treasured day of the love, there will come a wonderful flow. The flow opens the tower, and the energies galactic ensue. This will work for two weeks, at which time there will be as though a great flash. This will mark the full opening of the tower.Opening the powerful tower reasons with the great change which imparts itself upon the human race. The season of darkness ends. The season of light resumes. The end of the dark season will engage with the end of the man who opened the guts of the nation to expose the truth.The end of the man will engage with the beginning of the woman.

When I look back to last week's galactic energies post, I notice a thread here.

The galactic energies were necessary to enter before the gateway would come. The universal and one energies enter through the gateway of galactic energies.

The song "We've Only Just Begun" plays in my head, as if on cue. It's telling and sweetly promising, as all I hear is, "We've only just begun to live." I hear "instrumental" and then "renewal."

The lyrics energize the instrumental engagement of the galactic gateway for the purpose of human renewal. The fabric of the human realm will tear and repair.

The term "torn asunder" comes up. I see The Tower from Tarot. The tower symbolizes a necessary ending ("the man"), making room for beginning ("the woman"). And so it is.

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