Galactic Energies: Spiritual Mastery

Galactic Energies: Spiritual Mastery

Truth in the present washes away the ego. Truth in the present opens communication at the soul level and levels the playing field of the mind for better receptivity to the intuitive senses.The powerful frequencies which engage through the 2018 portal now come into their fullness and predispose all people to the formula of intuition. Pretend this is as the normal. Pretend this is a way of being born with you.Treat the new energies as comrades, that you will associate with them in a manner welcoming. This precedes the integration for the galactic energies which emerged through the 2018 portal and prepare to accommodate themselves within the chakra systems of all people.The galactic energies treasure energy of oneness. The energies of oneness hold no rancor for any living being. The powerful wave of oneness will sweep away those who are holding back from their acceptance of their soulful selves through the way of a tidal wave, and support them to acknowledge themselves as far more than a mere human being.This will upset some who wish to remain in a closed nature. This will powerfully assist those who wish to be more wholly aligned with their soul selves. This portends a great change in the ways of Earth.Toppling the tower of the ego with the wonder of the soul resonates with the energies of all that is, all that was, and all that will be. Pretend this is as yet another opportunity to enhance the life with greatness and abundance, and reason with understanding of the great abundance which will befall you.Treasure the soul self with all love and caring. Three times there will come the ways of the galactic energies within the days to follow. Three times there will come a great shift. The third time will engage wholly with you, with all people, and with Earth.Galactic Energies: Spiritual Mastery ~ Channeled message about the new galactic energies entering with the 2018 portal. ~ Intuitive Ellen

Well. Goodness.Dearies, the entirety of that quoted text - 311 words, to be exact - flowed through my fingers in less than 10 minutes. All I did was close my eyes and let it come, because there was no other way to go about it. It probably would have come even faster if not for my incessant curiosity which probably interfered with the flow to some degree. Oops.

The ways of the galactic energies creates as though a new way of receiving. The powerful way in which Ellen received the writing is a glimpse of the powerful nature of the energies, and their ability to create with rapidity and fluidity.

This is, most likely, the reason for the remarkably changed behavior of my pendulum this morning. ("Yes.") The way it moved was unlike anything I've seen from it before - and I've seen a lot.I'm curious to know if we can learn more about the "three times" the galactic energies will come.

The great galactic energies have a need to position themselves in three ways within the energy framework of the human and the Earth. This creates a three-aspect approach through which there will be the integration of the galactic energies.The first will engage in this day, and has done so for many already. The second will come with the dawn tomorrow. The third will come with the midnight tomorrow.

That last "installation" notice feels very conclusive; most definitely the conclusion of the energies integrating. I'm shown a thick iron door closing in a very final sort of way. "Done deal."As for "Spiritual Mastery" in this post's title, it's "part and parcel" with the overall energies of 2018. Those energies demand, more than invite, that we fully embrace our spiritual nature.Whew. We truly aren't in Kansas anymore.

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