From Numbness to Peace: Energy Work for Empaths

Yesterday, I watched some footage from the hurricane strike on Florida's panhandle. I made all the right noises:

  • "Oh, my God."
  • "Those poor people."
  • "Geesh."
  • "That's crazy."

What struck me, though, was the lack of emotional response to what was happening. As an empath, I'm used to feeling a lot, all the time, even when the feelings aren't my own.

Yesterday, though... No feelings. There was a strange numbness that didn't come to my attention until this morning.

From Numbness to Peace: Energy Work for Empaths ~ A blog post by Intuitive Ellen :: Ellen M. Gregg ~ #empath #energyhealing #energywork #peace

Ginger Zee of ABC News and Good Morning America described the physical energy of a hurricane as a washing machine cycling. In a washing machine, the water is stirred up and swirled around, hitting the machine's contents over and over. That action is what releases dirt and stains from clothing. Next comes the rinse cycle, when water is pushed through the machine to flush away the dirt. After that, there's the spin cycle during which the excess water is forcibly removed from the now-clean clothing.

It's for that very reason that I didn't feel much of anything yesterday. The hurricane was yet another stir, swirl and hit of the washing machine without benefit of the rinse and spin cycles to remove the debris and the excess water.

The time we're living in right now is a giant washing machine, pummeling us (the clothes) over and over again to... release dirt and stains? Pretty much. There's so much dirt and so many stains, the cycle has to keep repeating itself to release different layers of gunk that have accumulated over the past century and half or so, especially.

Does my lack of emotional response to catastrophic news mean my personal wash cycle is complete? No. (Darn!) It means that I - like so many other sensitives - have been stirred, swirled and hit so much from my own and others' stuff that I'm numbed out.

If only numbed out meant peaced out. (It doesn't.)

Is it okay for me to feel numb about such an extreme event? No, again. That leads to the question, How do I un-numb myself? Even though it can be harrowing to feel the emotional impact of hundreds of thousands of fearful people, it's better than feeling nothing.

How, as an empath, do I un-numb myself?

Easing the numbness requires tapping into the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter resides within your heart.

So say my guides, and I know they're right. As I channeled that brief message, I heard the word "care." I need to permit myself to care more deeply, even though I  already care so much - some might say, too much. I need to permit myself to care more deeply about how world events - meteorological, geological, political - impact myself and others without owning it all as if it's my sole problem to solve.

Is that a big ask for someone who cares so much? To a degree, and yet it also points out the obvious: The caring is what creates the solution - both to the numbness and also to the various concerns I have about the state of Earth.

Caring even more.

When I sink into deep caring about the hurricane and its impact, I immediately see the landscape of the assault as though in a 3-D architectural rendering. I see glowing red dots where the energy is at a full-stop point; red alert; emergency treatment required.

The energy to ease that high-tension energy is soft and warm; gentle and loving; caring. Through my devotion to caring for that energy, I see the remedy energy treat the dis-ease energy. They share a cosmic kiss, of sorts, that neutralizes the hot spots, making room for healing. As I watch, the new energy radiates outward and engages with the entirety of that landscape.

This is something I can accomplish at the geological and political levels, too, with intention and focus. It provides a base energy upon which healing can be built. It also provides peace to me, in place of numbness.

The intentional caring provides a method for me to create a healing framework for the current problem. The healing framework provides a method for me to create space for caring without feeling assaulted by the washing machine.

For other empaths, the "heart of the matter" will be different from mine, as will the method of healing. The result, though, will ideally be similar to mine: peace in place of numbness.

There's much work to be done. All it requires to get started is caring.

How are you feeling about all the upheaval in the world? What is its impact on you? How are you caring for yourself?

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