Four of Cups: Taking On Tarot

Four of Cups

My self-study of Tarot continues with the Four of Cups. Or, as I just heard, "blinders."Four of Cups: Taking On Tarot ~ A self-study of the Universal Waite Tarot deck, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

First Impressions

Divine offering; what you see isn't all there is; forgetting the big picture; caught up in the details; blindsided; opportunity overlooked.


Cups, tree, "hand of God," grass, mountain.While it's the "hand of God" that draws and holds my attention, it feels more important to mention what's missing: Water.The suit of cups is associated with the element of water, and yet there's no water in the image *and* there's no indication of movement. Looking back at the three of cups, we can notice there's no water in the image and yet the figures are in movement. That's an important distinction.


Green, blue, gray, brown, gold, white, red.It's the red of the undershirt that draws my attention. Red is associated with the root chakra, and the root chakra is associated with security and abundance, safety and ancestral relationships.It feels like the figure here is overlooking the abundance before him, and then further overlooking the divine gift being offered.

What the Guide Says About the Four of Cups

"A young man is seated under a tree and contemplates three cups set on the grass before him. He expresses discontent with his environment. An arm issuing from a cloud offers him another cup.Divinatory Meanings: Weariness, disgust, aversion, imaginary vexations - as if the wine of this world had caused satiety only. Another cup of wine, as if a fairy gift, is now offered him, but he sees no consolation therein. This is also a card of blended pleasure.Reversed: Novelty, omen, new instructions, new relations."I can agree with weariness and "imaginary vexations," and yet I don't feel aversion from this card. I do like the notion that the "wine of this world" has only satisfied thirst, as that indicates there's a sort of tunnel vision going on. "Blended pleasure"... ???I actually like half of the reversed meanings for this card. For me, I'll strike "novelty" and "new relations" and appreciate the rest.

What We Say About the Four of Cups

Transfiguration is available when one chooses to look within oneself for divine guidance and wisdom, as well as engagement with ancestors.Truth and consequences over engagement with ego.Obstruction of divine guidance through egoic reaction.Consummation of ambivalence and creature comforts increasing reliance on ego over soul.

Other Impressions

Stuck.Overthinking.Out of flow.Obstinate.Dependent on ego.Cultivating apathy.

 I Might Ask a Client...

"Could it be that you're overlooking the obvious?""What might happen if you tune into your inner guidance system and consider the other options available to you?"What comes up for you around this card?

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