Fleeting Thoughts

Yesterday a high school friend named Marian who, after not seeing her for more than 26 years, I had become reacquainted with passed suddenly of a coronary embolism.She was a little more than 46 years old; dynamic, funny, kind, supremely talented ... Then, "Poof!" she was gone.Her passing has hit me hard, not because we were particularly close but because ... because ... I couldn't put my finger on the "because."Shortly after I learned she had passed, a Facebook friend posted about a recent life challenge, saying "Life is too damn short!" A mutual friend commented, saying, "I know and I'm hoping to start living it one of these days."Reading that exchange, it hit me why my reaction to Marian's passing was so raw: she was fully engaged in the process of living; not waiting for certain things to happen or all the pieces to fall into place. She simply, completely, unapologetically lived with every fiber of who she was and what she had in each and every moment.I admire her deeply for that.Standout life events have a way of encouraging - okay, pushing - me to evaluate where I am and what I am doing with my life. I've realized in the past 29 hours that while I am much better at living life than I used to be, I'm still allowing life to live me in many ways.What am I waiting for, the proverbial written invitation? Life is too fleeting to wait. Note to self.Marian ... I have no words. Love, light and peace. xo

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