The Eye of the Storm

This is the third post I've been guided to write this week, and the second one specific to this retrograde period and its aftermath. The powers-that-be (the masters, our angels) are definitely making a point, and want to make sure we get it in time.Here is their final message on the subject. (Well, for now.)

The retrograde period is providing us with a level of calm we haven't felt in a while. Even with world events ongoing, there is a quietude to these days as we pass through retrograde.The Eye of the StormThe power available to us at this time is that of reflection and release. These powerful tools are ready to prepare us for the storm rising out of the pressure-cooker that is the political offensive, the wars, the refugee crisis, and the Earth's ongoing energetic transition.♠ Maybe that's why we're feeling the need for more rest than usual.♠ Maybe that's why our tolerance for anything that is "negative" is considerably lower.♠ Maybe that's why we're seeking the most basic of what is available to us, health-wise.The end of retrograde is going to release us from this void, and propel us into the thick of the high-voltage energies. These energies will need to be managed, or they will eradicate all semblance of balance in our lives.How can we manage them? Great question.

Managing the Post-Retrograde Energies

♦ The first and best thing we can do is stay calm; to bring that eye-of-the-storm calmness with us, and use it as a life-preserver, of sorts.♦ The second thing we can do is tend to our self-care with a level of vigilance we might otherwise apply to a health crisis.♦ The third thing we can do is remember that we have the power to neutralize the effects of the energies through the use of essential oils, crystals, energy work, and other natural metaphysical means.One thing I'm being guided to is to create a crystal grid which will be specifically designed to maintain a high vibration in my space as well as in my person.The grid will look very much like a starburst, with the exception of some perimeter stones that will emulate the roundness of a planet; specifically, the sun.Another thing I'm being guided to is to up the ante on my essential-oil usage. (Something I didn't think was possible, given my usage already.)The energies of these oils are at a frequency which matches the higher vibrations you will find in working with the angels and masters. They're a fantastic defense against the lower-vibration energies struggling to maintain control here on Earth.

Full Moon in Our Favor

Given that the full moon rises tomorrow (Saturday, January 23), the opportunity to release even more of what no longer serves, as revealed to you through the retrograde reflection, is riper than ripe.Make good use of it.♥ Take the time to let go of the low-vibration energies of things gone by and times past.♥ Treat yourself to an epsom-salt bath with the addition of lavender and sage essential oils in it.♥ Drink plenty of water with lemon or lemon oil in it.♥ Take a nap.♥ Meditate.♥ Eat wholesome seasonal foods that support healthy digestion and elimination.The storm is coming, and yet there's no need to run for cover, as long as we're well-prepared to face it.

All Wound Up: What's Happening, Energetically

What's Happening, Energetically