Experimenting With Spiritual Pursuits: Owning Our Spiritual Nature

After exiting the spiritual closet, it's game-on for experimenting with spiritual pursuits.

Of course experimenting happened behind closed doors. Now, though, is the time for experimenting with our most-trusted friends and/or family; our ride-or-die peeps; our tribe.

Experimenting With Spiritual Pursuits: Owning Your Spiritual Nature | A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #spiritualtools #spiritualnature #owningyourspiritualnature #thesoulways

Experimenting With Spiritual Pursuits

Whether we experiment with...

:: Tarot or oracle cards,
:: tea leaves,
:: palm reading,
:: runes,
:: divining rods,
:: tuning forks,
:: astrology and/or numerology,
:: energy healing,
:: crystals,
:: pendulums,
:: channeling,
:: mediumship,
:: crystal balls,
:: spell casting,
:: singing bowls,
:: straight-up intuition or something else

...we must allow ourselves a bit of a stretch by test-driving our spiritual skills with a carefully curated group of our favorite people.

Exercise deep curiosity about the results. Cast aside any notion of "good" or "bad" and chock everything up to experience. Grant permission for exploring and serving without restriction or expectation. And then, ask that our co-conspirators grant themselves permission for receiving similarly.

This is playtime, pure and simple, this experimenting time. This is the playground upon which we discover which spiritual pursuits truly resonate. And that means for us both as a serving practitioner and a self-practitioner.

The spiritual pursuits playground...

...activates within us a great energetic opening. It allows long-dormant remembrances room for revealing themselves and repopulating us. It makes way for our intuitive flame to strengthen and grow. And it grants us equally a soul-deep sense of fulfillment and an intoxicating desire for more.

During this playtime - this great experimentation - forgiving ourselves in advance supplies critical healing. Forgive the growing pains, the disappointments, and the other trials and tribulations we and our "coven" may observe. They're a vital part of the process of sussing out what's really for us, and where we need more development.

And by the way, development comes with the territory. While it may lessen over time, there's no finite point of mastery with any spiritual pursuit. Accept that. Even better, rejoice in it.

Recording our spiritual pursuits

Consider keeping a journal for experimenting with spiritual pursuits. It becomes a method for acknowledging our beginnings, validating our leanings, tracking our results and marking our growth.

Whether by digital file, traditional journal or bullet journal, we may eventually find ourselves with our very own grimoire. Imagine the value of it for inspiration, if necessary and possible. (Necessary or not, it may not be possible to fully imagine its value.)

Above all else...

...experiment as though there are no limitations, because there are no limitations. Truly. Our embodied souls are capable of more than our human brains can perceive and conceive. Experiment. Stretch. Glow.

Blessed be.

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