Exiting the Spiritual Closet: Owning Our Spiritual Nature

Exiting the spiritual closet... Coming out as a witch or an energy healer or an Earth angel... Allowing others to see you in that light. Does the thought make you nauseous, or at least nervous? Read on for support and suggestions.

Exiting the Spiritual Closet is the first post in the Owning Your Spiritual Nature series by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #spirituality #thesoulways

There are many people lingering in their spiritual closet for many reasons. The most common reasons may revolve around family, religion and judgement. Other common reasons may revolve around fear of persecution, of being seen, of growth. Still another reason may rise from confusion: "What's happening to me?"

The spiritual closet feels safe, even if - or maybe because - it isn't all that roomy. We explore and practice in relative safety behind closed doors. We peek out only for a glimpse at what other people - people who seem familiar; similar - are doing.

And we ignore the sweet urging imploring that we open the door all the way, letting the light pour in. That urging might say, "What are you waiting for? Shine."

What are we waiting for?

Maybe we're waiting for permission, of sorts. That permission might offer some semblance of proof that our exit will leave us unscathed. It might tell us our faith of choice will still accept us. Or it might tell us our family and friends will delight in our self-discovery. Surely it will tell us that we're worthy.

Waiting for external permission of any sort likely keeps us in that enclosure. And even if we receive that permission and exit, our exit is incomplete. Why is that? Because by hinging our exit on external permission - validation - means we don't wholly accept ourselves.

The only "permission" we require - the only one that matters - is the one we give ourselves.

:: It's the one that reminds us we're divinely perfect, whether our faith of choice agrees with us or sanctions us or not.

:: And it's the one that reminds us the delight of our family and friends is a bonus only, because our own delight is enough.

:: Most of all, it's the one that reminds us we are so very, very worthy no matter what anyone else thinks or says.

So, if we're sitting in the closet waiting for outside permission to exit, we may never leave it.

Exiting the spiritual closet...

...requires compassionate acceptance of ourselves... and maybe a smidge of boldness; of ballsiness. And it may require some of that devil-may-care attitude we might associate with Harrison Ford's grin in Raiders of the Lost Ark or Star Wars. (You know that grin. Right?)

The compassionate self-acceptance and boldness might fuel the devil-may-care attitude, if necessary. It's the compassionate self-acceptance that's the true rocket fuel, though. That inner love and fortitude offers everything we need for a safe exit, because it ensures our needs are met no matter what.

It's the oxygen mask we must put on before we help the person beside us when the cabin loses pressure.

Make an exit plan

Whether you find yourself identifying as psychic, as an Earth angel or lightworker, a Tarot reader, a witch, a healer or something else, consider an exit plan.

A helpful plan could include exiting the spiritual closet into another safe haven - a space where we know other spiritually-inclined (metaphysical; woo-woo; witchy) people hang out. That could be a Facebook group or certain Instagram profiles' posts, or the comments section of a blog post. It could also be an actual in-person meet-up in our area.

Another exit plan might include sharing our self-discovery with trusted friends and/or family. This plan requires only that we have some assurance the people we come out to wholeheartedly accept us; no conditions.

A third exit plan for your consideration: Coming out to me, right now, using the contact form below. Divulge as little or as much as you wish. Only my eyes will see it.

No matter how you exit, understand this is simply a first step; an illumination. Ready? (Please say, "Yes.")

Blessed be.

Exiting the Spiritual Closet is the first blog post in a six-post series: Owning Your Spiritual Nature.

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