Everyday Intuition

Intuition isn't something that turns on and off like a light switch or a water tap.Intuition is in the "on" position all day, every day.Why is it, then, that we evade its guidance? Why is it, then, that it can feel unavailable to us?The answer to that lies in a solitary word: Practice.Everyday Intuition ~ Connecting with intuition all day, every day, is within reach.


A much as it would be convenient to believe and to make manifest that we can connect with our intuition without any sort of preparatory effort, that's highly unlikely to be the case.How inconvenient.If we don't take the time to consciously and intentionally work with our intuition, it can appear to escape us.That's a fact.So. The practice I've mentioned is something that doesn't have to take a lot of time. You don't need to carve out an hour a day if that's out of sync with your schedule.You do need to carve out some time, though, to meditate (10 to 20 minutes) and to conduct some form of intentional practice to exercise your intuitive muscles.That practice could involve working with a pendulum and/or divining rods, it could involve working with palmistry or runes, it could involve working with oracle and/or Tarot cards, or it could mean something else that resonates with you.


Whatever your practice of choice may be, 0nce you begin working with it every day consistently, your intuition becomes more available to you through the very act of engaging with it.The more you engage with it, the stronger it gets and the more available it is.Just as it's possible to strengthen muscular reflexes, it's possible to strengthen intuitive reflexes.And so, in what could be a surprisingly short period of time, you may find your intuitive reflexes both remarkably strong and remarkably swift.


The results that come from that practice may open you to potential you didn't know you had in you.You may create entirely new ways of being in your life. You may discover things - both inside you and outside you - you didn't dare dream existed.You may open a communication between you and your ancestors, you and your spirit guides, you and the angel realms, you and the ascended masters...Can you imagine that? Do you want that?It's completely possible. In fact, it could be said that it's completely probable and meant to be.That's the promise of everyday intuition; using and practicing your intuition every day.

Are you in?

If you are, I'd love to know what you're drawn to for your everyday practice.And if you feel like you want extra support for your intuitive growth plan, perhaps consider intuitive coaching.

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