Evaluating the New Energy

After all the channeling and all the notices, the new energy entered with yesterday's full moon.There wasn't a whole lot of fanfare involved, except for the channeling and notices referred to.There wasn't a whole lot of fireworks or whizz-bang involved, except there was.Evaluating the New Energy

The Fireworks

The fireworks, for me and for one other person to whom I've spoken of this, felt a whole lot like excessive heart palpitations; impossible heart palpitations.We were reminded of receiving the Master Energy and how we noticed an increased heart rate when receiving it for the purpose of practicing it, and also in receiving it as a recipient of its healing.The new energy took that increase to a different and, I feel I need to repeat, impossible level.And that's to say that while it felt like I was having "impossible" heart palpitations on Monday night as I otherwise sat minding my own business and admiring the lights on the Christmas tree, my heart wasn't palpitating.Really, it was my whole being that was palpitating as a high dose of the new energy entered my resting energy field and body.That's how fireworks-y the incoming energy was for me, except the expected "ooh" and "aah" was more like, "What the heck?"

The Whizz-Bang

You might be wondering why the term "whizz-bang" is being used here. Know that I'm wondering that, too.It's the term that was delivered to me, so there's that. The thing is, it's a term that makes me think of the very early 20th century, and so I'm guessing it came as an offering from a spirit of that era. (Yes.)Why whizz-bang?

We notice we allow the usage of whizz-bang as a manner of denoting how the energy will serve those who are in keeping with its potential and those who are in refuting its potential.For those who are in keeping with its potential we notice there will be the whizz-bang of change which will be most welcome and will sometimes appear in the manner of the unexpected and yet highly appreciated.For those who are in refuting its potential we notice there will be the whizz-bang of change which will be most unwelcome and will sometimes appear in the manner of the unexpected and highly unappreciated.

Okay, so perhaps it could be said that the whizz-bang factor is the isolated incidents which will create firecracker moments over fireworks moments.We don't tend to "ooh" and "aah" over firecrackers. They might be considered more of an annoyance to be tolerated - or not.Does that make sense?

What I've Noticed, Thus Far

In what are arguably the pre-dawn hours of this new-to-us energy, there is a sense of calm that I'm greatly appreciating. There's a feeling of sureness and certainty.There's also a feeling of hope and promise and the first glimpses of opportunities arising.I'm noticing a deep hum in my body, and I'm noticing an increased heat in my hands, and I'm noticing a more sturdy connection with guides and spirits.I'm also noticing a deep sense of being right here, right now; extraordinarily and unshakably present. I'm loving that feeling and its rooted and yet champagne-like quality.There's a beautiful yin and yang to it. Delicious.That's my evaluation, at the moment; in this moment.Blessings be with you.

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