Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

There's something very alchemical about creating essential oil diffuser recipes.

There's a magical quality to it that doesn't get old. At least for me.

I'm always amazed by what happens when I combine two or three or even four essential oils and turn the diffuser on.

❉ The quality of the air changes. (Magic?)

❉ The energy of the room shifts. (As if by... magic.)

❉ Oh, yeah. And the aroma is inevitably (magically?) divine.

Yes, it may help if you have a good sense of smell, and a basic understanding of what oils might play well with the other oils you're eyeballing.

And yet truly, it's hard if not impossible to go wrong when you're working with high-quality essential oils.

And that makes experimenting a whole lot of fun in a not-so-mad-scientist way.

Which brings us to some actual diffuser recipes.

Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

I acknowledge I could have broken this up into a few posts. The thing is, why do that when I can share what I've compiled over the past couple of days right now?

It would be silly, right? That's what I thought.

Here, then, are a nice bunch of diffuser recipes for you to try. Enjoy! :-)

Cinnamon Drops Diffuser Recipe

Diffuser Recipe: Cinnamon Drops ~ Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes featuring Young Living Essential Oils

Cinnamon Drops: 3 drops cinnamon bark + 3 drops clove + 2 drops Stress Away™. Cue zing.

Pictured is Young Living's Aria diffuser.

Gingerbread Man Diffuser Recipe

Diffuser Recipe: Gingerbread Man ~ Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes featuring Young Living Essential Oils

Gingerbread Man: 3 drops cinnamon + 2 drops clove + 1 drop nutmeg + 1 drop orange. Cue childhood.

Pictured is Young Living's Bamboo diffuser.

Favorite Flavors Diffuser Recipes

Diffuser Recipes: Favorite Flavors ~ Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes featuring Young Living Essential Oils

Candy Cane: 4 drops peppermint + 2 drops spearmint. Cue Christmasy feelings.

Creamsicle: 4 drops orange + 2 drops cedarwood. (Alternatively, try 4 drops orange + 2 drops Stress Away™.) Cue summer memories.

Gingerbread: 3 drops cardamom + 3 drops Christmas Spirit™. Cue warmth.

Licorice Stick: 4 drops fennel + 2 drops PanAway™. Cue salivation.

Margarita: 3 drops lime + 3 drops Stress Away™. Cue Jimmy Buffet.

Pictured is Young Living's Dewdrop diffuser.

Are You Inspired?

I hope so. It would be great if you'd take inspiration from these essential oil diffuser recipes and conjure - er, concoct some recipes of your own.

Go forth! Start with one of your favorite essential oils and build upon it.

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