Energyscope for Week of 24 December 2018

Wow, wow, wow... This is the last full week of 2018, love. Next week brings 2019 with all its changes and nuances and energetic potential. Oh, my. (Look for my 2019 energyscope on December 29.)

We entered Winter this past Friday here in the Northern hemisphere. (Its energy is outlined in this post, if you wish to peruse it.) We celebrated the Solstice - Yule - and honored the longest night of the year so that we might invite the light to return. The energy was rich, sumptuous, embracing. There was a sense of preparation and anticipation... Perhaps for what engages us this week.

Energyscope for Week of 24 December 2018 ~ An intuitive energy reading by Ellen M. Gregg, Intuitive Channel & Healer ~ #energyreading #energyscope #workyourlight #theageoflight #intuitivereading

Our card for this week is The Age of Light: You've been training for this for lifetimes. from Rebecca Campbell's Work Your Light oracle deck. Let's discover what this final week of 2018 means for us.

Our message for this week:

"As you reenter the light, there will be a renewal of light. This energy framework supports the engagement of the great remembering with its powerful association with all ways that promote light, healing, love, peace. This foretells of the light times transmuting the dark times, and reconfiguring the framework for the process of ascension."

Well, I'm certainly loving that message and its sweet promise. There's a clear feeling of connection between it and what came through with the Winter energyscope. And while what's been said here is certainly enough, I want something in the way of purpose for us for this week. That feels important. So, throwing it back to our guides...

"We wish you will allow yourself to draw closer to the light of all, dear one. We wish you will permit yourself to see your own light and its connection to the all, and wish you will harken to the wisdom of that light and allow it to infuse you with refreshment ahead of the portal of 2019."

I see an image of someone basking in light. There's no obvious light source; nothing separate to create light. Instead, the light seems to be generated from everywhere; inside and outside the person.

This call to action would seem to be a call to easefulness and receiving. We're encouraged to open ourselves to be with our light and rest in the light of source, God, the universe - whatever we wish to name it.

Can you do that? Will you do that? May it be.

Wishing a very merry Christmas to you, if you celebrate it. Blessings be.

Sweet Christmas...

Energyscope for Winter 2018-2019