Energyscope for Week of 17 December 2018

There's a lot-a lot of energy swirling around these days. More so than normal, it seems. I needed to shake out and blow off the energy from my cards before sourcing them, yet again. That's unusual for me, because I keep things really, really clean and clear in these parts. Just mentioning it in case you've noticed similar in your neck of the woods. Stuff's afoot.

Anyway... When I finally asked what we needed to know this week, the card presented itself toot suite. It's a good one.

Energyscope for 17 December 2018 ~ An intuitive energy reading by Intuitive Ellen :: Ellen M. Gregg ~ #intuition #trustyourgut #listentoyourintuition

Our card for this week is Trust the Niggle

The subtext is a question: "What is the niggling feeling trying to tell you?" Let's find out what's what.

"The sensitivity is sharply increased as we proceed closer to the Solstice, and to the end of the year. Therefore, the intuition is powerfully supporting you to be attentive to the happenings and currents around you. Be as a child with your curiosity, asking why and what and how and who and when and where. Be open to the energetic feelings and impressions and expressions and visions you will receive. Receive them as gifts and receive them as wisdom to help you navigate the week ahead."

Forgive our guides, please, because they've hijacked the song "You've Got That Loving Feeling" and replaced "loving" with "niggling." Pretty clever, though. Right?

I'll encourage you to exercise some self-assessment around this, as I did after channeling that message. Through that exercise, I realize I've been feeling a lot more than usual through my energetic body. While I'm used to that aspect of clairsentience (clear feeling), it's definitely gone up several notches. That, and I feel as though I'm seeing (clairvoyance) and hearing (clairaudience) a bit more, too. (Read more about the clair senses here.)

So... What are you noticing? And not only what - why are you noticing, and when, where and how? There's a purpose to this amplified call-to-attention. What's the purpose for you? How can it support you in this week that ends with the Solstice?

Blessings be, love.

Energyscope for Winter 2018-2019

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