Energy Reading for Week of March 5 - 11, 2018

Energy Reading for Week of March 5 - 11, 2018

My endeavor to keep our weekly energy readings more streamlined is panning out. Hooray! Since that's the case, I thought, "I'll put them in writing."Channeled Energy Reading for March 5 - 11, 2018 ~ Intuitive Ellen ~ Featuring cards from The Housewives Tarot: The Magician and Four of Pentacles.While it's all well and good to watch a video, sometimes the written word is a helpful anchor. So...Here's the video of this week's energy reading: here's the transcription:Hi, there, and welcome to our weekly reading.I have a friend for you. Isn't she cute? I keep her in my jar of pencils and pens. A friend gave her to me and she makes me smile every day. So, I thought I'd introduce you.She actually doesn't have a name. Whatever should we name her? She deserves a name. (After the video, her name was given to me by my guides: Lacey.)Anyway... Our weekly reading. As a reminder, we're looking at just two aspects. We're looking at our human selves and we're looking at our soul selves. Optimally, the two will come together. So, let's find out what will be helpful for us to know this week. Alright?Oh, we're working with a different card deck, too. I felt like we needed some more fun. I felt like things were... I don't know. For me, they were starting to feel too serious. And life's serious enough without adding more layers of severity to it.So, we're going to lighten things up a little and use a different deck. Okay? Not to say the messages will be lighter; just the tone of the cards is more conducive to fun. Okay? So... And that deck is The Housewives Tarot.So our first card - case and point - is The Magician. And this is for our human selves. The Magician. So, what do we need to know about The Magician for our human selves this week?

And we wish for you to remember that even though it is your soul which is in connection with your intuition and all that appears magical in your life, you are a creator. The Magician is a creator. We ask for you to be in touch with your inner magician and to create what will be of benefit for you, for your circle of friends and family, and also for the greater world.And ask yourself, How may you create this wonderment with magic; with an element of expression that is delightful?

Oh, my goodness. I love that so much. So, yes. I just heard, "What gets your creative juices flowing?" What gets your creative juices flowing?

What gets your creative juices flowing?

So... And maybe, first of all, you have to stop and think about what it is that you create. Being a creator doesn't mean that you need to be creating art. It doesn't mean that you need to be creating "the written word," as I just heard - meaning a book or whatever.A creator can be one who creates beautiful spaces, and not even professionally. I mean, going into a space and simply beautifying it so it looks attractive to you. It can be someone who enjoys cooking for themselves and other people.So don't get caught up in semantics. Alright?

♥ What gets your creative juices flowing?

♥ How can you do more of that?

♥ And how can doing more of that benefit you and then ripple out to benefit others?

Focus on that this week. Okay? And... Anything else to say about this? No.Let's see what card two is; our soul card. And... Yeah. Let's be curious about that.Okay. So, the Four of Pentacles. Oh, boy. So, the Four of Pentacles.So, the pentacles are, interestingly enough, about Earth energy. So, those things related to abundance and any earthly matter... Which is, again, so interesting that it's coming up as our soul card. So let's find out what the message is about that.

We notice that in the way of the soul, there is this sense of having all that is necessary at all times. It already exists. It is not that it must be manufactured or manifested. It is already in place. It is already encased within you.We ask for you to consider, in this instance, how you may take all that you have, all that you are as the soul light, and infuse it into your creativity.

So... Wow. Okay. I just heard, "Intermingle," and, yes, I would say for sure these two cards intermingle beautifully... beautifully.And I heard, "Just get started."

Just get started.

You know, I will confess I'm a planner. I'm a list-maker. I love to see my Google Calendar filled with all these boxes, and so I have time frames set out. I know exactly what I'm doing, every single day. And yet, I can sometimes get so caught up in the planning and the structure of things that what I do feels like it's very narrow in focus. It feels like I've really kind of boxed things in for myself.So, just be aware of not... Prevent yourself from getting caught up in that like I can. Instead, as I just heard, "Go with the flow." Go with the flow.And, by the way, something came up this past week, and the phrase that came up with me was "Glow with the flow."So, when we go with the flow, we glow with the flow. How's that for a visual?

When we go with the flow, we glow with the flow.

When we go with the flow, we glow with the flow. ~Ellen M. Gregg | Intuitive Ellen ~ #quote #glowSo, wishing you a wonderful, creative, abundant, magical week. And until next time, you take really good care. Lots of love.


There you have it.Perhaps you'll want to take a listen to this week's podcast, which is a self-hypnosis script for bedtime relaxation (a.k.a. sleep) and positive affirmations. In case you do, here it is:

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