Energy Reading for June 2018

Energy Reading for June 2018

I was guided to create an energy reading for June, and so here it is.

Energy Reading for June 2018 ~ Intuitive Ellen

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Hi, there. I thought I would do an energy reading for June. It felt like a good thing to do.

So, I've drawn one card from The Starchild Akashic Tarot deck and we will see what the energy - I just heard "the basic energy" - for June will be.

I heard another word along with that: "foundational." So, it will be the foundational energy for June. Mm... I- Go ahead.

And ask yourself already, at this point, what it is you may wish to build upon this foundation. That is the purpose of this reading; to provide you with a foundation energy from which you may build what you must; what is in alignment for you - your soul - for the month of June.

Got that? Okay. So, let's take a look at our card. Ooh. My goodness. Okay. So... Oppression.

What an interesting energy. Umm... What I'm really struck by- I- I'm feeling a lot of moon energy with this card. And moon energy in the sense that the moon has its mysteries. It is emblematic of our intuitive self; that "mysterious," "secretive" self.

And I'm sorry about the air quotes, but I don't- It's really interesting that those are the words coming up, and yet those being true for us, individually, is a matter of choice. Our intuitive selves don't need to be mysterious or secretive. It's all in how we choose to work with it; how we choose to open to it; be curious about it; exercise it. Okay?

So... Oppression.

We notice that oppression is a foundational energy which puts you in a position of having an understanding of what is holding you back. This is where we begin with the month of June.
It is for you to determine what is holding you back; what mysteries, what secrets are you withholding; are you permitting to be withheld from you.
With this understanding, the foundation will shift over the course of the month, and it will no longer be that it is an oppression. It is that it is a reception.

Ooh... Wow.

And also, understand that oppression can also mean that there is an external force oppressing. What is this possible force, for you? Who is this force for you? How may you remove the force - that force - from your person?

I'm going to show you this image again, because there are a number of objects in it. So... We see the Earth. We see a feather. We see a crystal. And we also see a coin. And then behind- We see the moon looming behind her, shrouded as she is shrouded. So... 

Understand that these are all pockets of information for you. These are all possibilities for you to consider; aspects for you to consider. What will be helpful for you, that you may remove the shroud?

Wow. So, keep in mind that the shroud may be dual in its purpose. It may be one that you instituted, and it may be one that we allowed another to institute.

And so, when working with this shroud, be aware - oh, I just heard, "be aware of its falsehoods," because this could also be said to be - um - keeping you feeling safe while it's holding you back.

Note that this is not a cloak of invisibility. And the thing is, you know, I can see some of the woman's features through it, so it's not that it's, like, a heavy drape. It isn't velvet or something that you can't see through. It's more like, let's say, gauze; perhaps even a really fine silk.

And so it's something that does have some ability to let us see through it, and yet it's still inhibiting; still prohibiting full clarity.

And so that feels like, really, our task this month is to assign whatever is the source of the shroud to it, so you can really name it, own it, identify it. And then, figure out how you can remove it, and what needs to be removed in your life to make that possible. Okay?

So, there's our foundational energy for June. How very interesting.

What do you think of this? What are you feeling about this?

I'll encourage you to - from this starting point - draw another card for yourself. Maybe two cards. Have one card represent your energy in this shroud, in this oppression. Have the second card represent "the other's" energy in the shroud; in the oppression.

Let that help guide you in your quest to remove the shroud. Okay?

That's what I've got. Happy June! May it be one that brings us all light and clarity... and no more oppression.

Until next month, you take really good care. Lots of love.

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