Energy Reading for June 18 - 24, 2018

Energy Reading for June 18 - 24, 2018

Here it is! Our weekly energy reading for June 18 through June 24, 2018. And oh - oh, oh - look:

Channeled Energy Reading for June 18 - June 24, 2018 ~ Intuitive Ellen, Ellen M. Gregg

Do you see what's in my hand? It's The Star. Thank you, goddess and god and moon and mother Mary and squirrel who came into my house for a quick visit last week! Thank you all.

Below, you'll find the video reading. Below that, you'll find the transcription of the video reading if you prefer that format.

Cheers to us!


Hello. Welcome to our weekly reading. This is for the week of June 18 through June 24. And our card for this week is... The Star!

Didn't we have her recently? I think we did.

Oh, this makes me so happy. (giggle)

I just heard "achievement," and...

We notice the achievement is that you have made it through all of the all-encompassing, sometimes hurtful, uncomfortable energy we have brought through.
We have an apology that it was in the extreme, and yet it was necessary. And we notice, in this week, as we move through the Solstice, there will be much relief as the full energy will have integrated.
And, even in this, we notice there will be some additional integration for each person and yet, on the whole, the energy will have put itself upon Earth and within you. And it now can be worked with, understood, and accelerated, for we notice this energy brings a great acceleration for all who are working with soul and intuition.
And even for all who may not be working with soul and intuition, there will be wonderful changes, opportunities, expressions of heart which will be perhaps uncommon for some.

Wow. I mean, really. Wow. And I'm so grateful.

I just- It's so funny because I want to say, "We deserve this!" Um... And I think that's okay, because there was a point made in last week's reading through The Wheel of Fortune about honoring successes.

And I will say, having survived this onslaught is definitely a success, and something to be honored. So, yes. All-in for The Star energy. And all-in for celebrating ourselves, even though we have more work to do.

There's always going to be more work to do. The fact is, it's alright to pause, have a glass of wine, or beer, or champagne, or whatever floats your boat, and say, you know, "Cheers to me and cheers to us."

Because we did actually make it through the rain, and then we walked through the fire together, and now is the rebuilding time. And for me, I can say that that kind of energy is a lot of fun for me because it's a very creative energy, and it's a the-slate-is-wiped-clean and now-what energy.

Such opportunity. Like, we get to do this. It's so awesome that we get to do this.

So, that's our energy for this week, and hallelujah. (giggle)

I will have another video on Wednesday for the Solstice, so I'll see you then.

And until then, you take really good care. Lots of love.

June 2018 Solstice Energy Reading

June 2018 Solstice Energy Reading

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