Energy Reading for July 2018

Energy Reading for July 2018

This month's energy reading is brought into focus by Queen of Wands, Ten of Swords and Eight of Wands from The Starchild Tarot * Akashic. From an elemental perspective, that's fire, air and fire. (Interesting to consider that fire requires air (oxygen), and yet can be blown out by that same element.)

Energy Reading for July 2018 ~ Ellen M. Gregg : Intuitive Ellen

Below, you'll find the video reading. Below that, you'll find the full transcript. May it be of benefit.


Hi, there. Welcome to our energy reading for July 18.

I’ve drawn three cards from The Starchild Tarot * Akashic deck, and so, let’s get right into it and find out what’s in store for us in this new month.

So, our first card is… Okay. Queen of Wands. Queen of Wands.

So… That makes a lot of sense to me – the fact that it’s from the wands deck… wands deck… the fact that it’s from the wands suit – because wands are the fire energy, and – at least here in the Northern hemisphere – July is in Summer which is fire energy. Right?

So, let’s find out what our message is around that.

We notice we will ask that you prepare yourself to be as though the Queen of Wands. We notice that the Summer offers energy of fire, activity, creation. How will you put this energy to work?

Wow. Okay.

For me, that’s really spot-on. I know a lot of people use Summer for their downtime. I find my creativity goes through the roof during the Summer, and so I’m already creating stuff that I never anticipated creating at this point in time. And I’m having a blast with it.

So, that doesn’t – this isn’t to say that you need to actually create something; like a work of art or something like that. It can be creating organization. It can be creating meal plans. It can be creating game nights, barbeques, parties. How can this vibrant energy be put to use in a way that will be, yes, productive – because by its very nature it’s productive, and creative, and passionate – and yet will also serve you, feed you, fill you.

Okay? Something to consider.

So, let’s take a look at our second card, which is – okay – so… Ten of Swords. Well, that’s a different energy isn’t it? We’ve gone from Queen of Wands to Ten of Swords.


We notice the Ten of Swords asks for you to be in consciousness of what you have accumulated through communication. How are you communicating what needs communicating? What do you need to express which has been accumulated?

Put the Queen of Wands with the Ten of Swords and notice its impact. How may the Queen assist you to communicate – to air what needs airing?

Ooh. Okay. I especially like that end part. I mean, the whole thing is great as far as communication, because communicating is important. Communicating our truth is really important, right?

And it isn’t just what we communicate, it’s how we communicate. Yah?

And then, coupling that with that Queen of Swords energy – that fire energy; that creator energy – the fact that the wands energy may provide an opportunity to air out those things that we’ve left unspoken, to have those discussions that need to be had, could be really formative as far as how relationships progress, or don’t.

So… That- That just feels like such a useful energy to me. I… I love that.

All right. Anything else about that? No. Let’s look at our third card. I can only imagine.

Okay. And, wow. Can you read the text at the bottom? I can’t because the lighting has changed. It’s the Eight of Wands. So, here we are again with this delicious fire energy. So… Eight of Wands.

We notice the wands… Are they coming in? Are they exiting? And, yes. Both. And with this, understand that there are choices; there are obligations to receive what must be received and to release what must be released.

As you are inviting the energy of the Queen, airing what needs airing, then release and receiving. Put yourself in a way that you are able to accept what is yours, release what is not.

Anything else? And again, I love that. I really love that, so much.

There’s something… I just heard “philosophical” about this card. I’m not sure what that implies, however I will journal about that or draw another card to clarify that for myself.

The other thing is, I’m feeling such an infinity symbol energy here with that releasing and receiving; giving and accepting. And that feels really, really important.

And… That just evokes flow and movement of energy that can only be helpful.

So, there you go. There’s our energy for July in a nutshell.

What will you do with these opportunities?

Wishing you a wonderful month, and until next time, you take really good care. Lots of love.

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