Energy Reading and Podcast for March 12 - 18, 2018

Energy Reading and Podcast for March 12 - 18, 2018

It's the last full week of Winter in the Northern hemisphere, and it seems like Spring energy is already inciting change. That's what I felt through this week's channeled reading, at any rate.I'm curious to know how you feel, once you've seen it.Channeled Energy Reading for March 12 - 18, 2018 ~ Intuitive Ellen ~ Featuring Ten of Cups and Strength from The Housewives Tarot.

Channeled Energy Reading for March 12 - 18, 2018's the transcript:Hello, dearies, and welcome to our reading the week of March 12 to March 18.We're working once again with The Housewives Tarot deck, and we're looking at two life aspects: our human selves and our soul selves.So, let's find out what we need to know this week. Alright?So our first card representing our human selves is the Ten of Cups.Oh, my. Look at all the choices. Which one would you choose? (giggle)I wish that were clearer for you.Anyway. So, what is it about the Ten of Cups that we need to know this week in regards to our human selves?"And understand that when there are an abundance of choices, it can sometimes be that the ego says, 'How do we choose? Can we not have all? Can we not do all? Can we not be all?'"And when this occurs, there is then opportunity to relinquish power. In this, we mean to say that there can be a way of relinquishing your power that knows for the energy that says, 'This is what this is and this is how we do and this is how we be as our ego selves.'"And then there is also wanting for more. Wanting for more than is necessary. Wanting for more than is able to be accommodated."In this, understand that your phrase 'less is more' is most impactful."Oh, boy. Um... That's the second time I've asked internally, "Is there anything else about that?" And even though this second time I feel there's a "no," the energy shifted immediately inside of me.I feel like... I feel like I have a, um, (giggle) a rod or something up my spine. Like, keeping it super straight; hyper straight. It's really interesting.So, anyway... Yes. Uh... We live in a world where we have so many choices available to us. There's so much we can do. There's so much we can be. There's so much we can have.And yet, that doesn't necessarily mean that just because we can means that we are best served by that.Notice how I avoided the word "should"?Um... Yeah. Sometimes when we're offered a multitude of choices, a multitude of options, it can actually hamper us.And not just because of, perhaps, that desire to just choose everything, because we're not being told we only have to choose one.It's also because when we have all that stuff, when we choose all those things, all those ways of being, then I'm just told we "dilute" our purpose.So, what would be a concentrated and viable and vibrant way of being, and way of supporting ourselves with physical items and such, instead is - uh, yeah, I heard "diluting" and also "polluting."So, all that other stuff - all the excess, because that's what it is - dilutes our purpose, dilutes our lifestyle, and also pollutes it. It gets in the way of what's intended for us; what's best for us.So, something to be aware of this week. And that's interesting to consider this is coming up because we may find that we have all these wonderful choices available to us.And so we'll need to be discerning. We need to really pay attention. Make sure that we're letting our intuition lead the way, our heart lead the way, and not our ego.Okay? Anything else about that? No. Alright. Whew.And so, for our soul selves we have Strength. Well, isn't that just appropriate? And what a hilarious image. (giggle) I love a good steel wool pad. Don't you? (giggle)So... Strength."And we notice for strength we are saying, 'fortitude.' We are saying, 'resilience.' We are also saying, 'resistance.' Resistance to the voice that says, 'If there is more to have, we must have more.'"It's as simple as that. It's as simple as that. (giggle) I think that's it for that part of the message.So, I mean, and it kind of cracks me up because the first part of the message I felt like it was kind of going on and on a little. And perhaps necessarily.And yet then we look at the - and that's our human selves going on and on. And then our soul selves is just wonderfully succinct. You know?Um... There's such a... It's an interesting sort of "get real" or "snap out of it" quality that's delivered with so much love and compassion and understanding.And yet, at the same time, there's that edge to it; that, like, that "Stop. Here's your stop sign." Because we need those stop signs.So... Anything else to say about that? No.So, Ten of Cups and Strength. Those are our cards for this week. And, yeah, be aware. Enjoy the opportunities presented to you, and yet be strong in your discernment. Be strong in your "stop." Okay?Make sure your choices are serving you, not making you serve them. Alright?Wishing you a wonderful week. Take really good care. Until next time, lots of love.

Human Time and Spirit Time: Intuitive Ellen Podcast

Human Time and Spirit Time: Intuitive Ellen Podcast ~ Intuitive EllenThis was a timely topic for me, as a couple interesting situations arose the end of last week that were both delightful and confounding. Below the audio track, you'll find the full transcript.Human time is composed of our calendar system and all its parts: seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, and millennia.It’s a system that is rooted in stability and conformity. We know there are always…

♥ 60 seconds in a minute,♥ 60 minutes in an hour,♥ 24 hours in a day,♥ seven days in a week,♥ 28 or 29 to 31 days in a month (depending on the month and Leap Year),♥ 12 months in a year,♥ 10 years in a decade,♥ 10 decades or 100 years in a century, and♥ 1,000 years in a millennium.

Spirit time is… unmeasurable, because in my experience, there is no time when it comes to those in spirit form. From our spirit guides and angels, to our in-spirit loved ones, to ascended masters and other light beings, time doesn’t exist. And yet…They’re well aware of our human attachment to time, and they make great use of that attachment.That’s why we have spirit numbers, such as the 11s. While 11:11 is arguably the most pertinent and powerful, thanks to our clocks and other time-displaying devices, we have 1:11, 2:11, 3:11, etc. Depending on whether you honor a 12-hour time system or a 24-hour time system, the 11s include up to 12:11 or 23:11.Those numbers catch our attention, time and again. They give us pause, which I’m pretty certain is the point. In that pause, we take note. We may notice what we’re doing or saying, who we’re with and where we are, what we’re feeling… In some instances – perhaps mostly with 11:11 – we may take that time sign as validation; a spiritual nod of approval.And even though they don’t fully conform to our time-keeping methods, angel numbers can fit the bill, too, in terms of time signs. We can notice 111 through 555 on our clocks and time-displaying devices. I notice them all the time, it seems – perhaps most especially when I’m in the flow of my soul.Time itself, though, when it comes to making inquiries of the spirit realms, can be a sketchy thing. In my experience, most often the lack of time cohesion between the human and spirit realms makes it almost – almost – impossible to receive an accurate response to questions of time.Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped asking. Why would I do that? That’s way too… rational. Right?Most of my time asks are geared toward channeling, since that’s my primary method of receiving messages and responses. In addition to whatever spoken responses come through, I may be offered clairvoyant visuals to support what’s been said. I’ve seen Autumn leaves floating from trees, snowflakes, spring-green lawns… That can be very helpful, and yet…Even with that, the question arises from those falling leaves, Which Autumn and which Autumn month? If the inquiry is made in the Summer, it could be the coming Autumn, and yet it could also be an Autumn a year or even years away. Same thing with a month. It would be great to be told “October” by my guides, and yet it could be any number of upcoming Octobers.Sometimes, my guides will go out of their way to make clear what year is being referred to. Other times, not so much. And that begs the question, Why only sometimes? If it’s possible to offer up a specific like that, why not do it every time?For me, from my experience with both clients and myself, I can see only one roadblock to specificity: The ego.When the ego is behind the inquiry, the question is likely one of want rather than need. It isn’t a question asked for “the greater good” of ourselves or another. It’s a question asked for convenience of some sort, or maybe out of misplaced desperation or desire.“When will he ask me to marry him” isn’t a question from the higher self; from the soul. It’s a question from the ego. The response is likely to be vague, at best.On the other hand, “When is the best time for me to move to a new home” might receive an accurate answer because of its impact on the human’s wellbeing, and possibly their soul purpose.And then there are those times when the spirit realms will offer up, out of the blue, something super specific in the way of a time frame. For example, in March of 2017, I received a message about July 28, 2017 in reference to my mother. It was startling because it wasn’t something I asked for. I wrote it in my journal for remembering. When July 28 came, there was an occurrence specific to my mother.There are also those times when the question is pure – born of nothing other than curiosity, or compassion, or love. Nothing is hinging on it from an ego perspective. And so the response may be super specific. Such was the case last week, when a Nor’easter cut off our access to public electricity. We’d been without electricity for 17 hours, and even though the generator was going strong, I was curious as to when it might be restored.So, I asked. The answer I was immediately given was, “7:08 of this evening,” meaning that very evening; about one hour from the time I asked. As the digital clock in the living room changed from 7:08 to 7:09, our electricity was restored, and I was delighted – for two reasons: 1) obviously to have the electricity restored and the generator given a break and 2) because of the unusual accuracy.High-five to my spirit guides. That was fun!The results weren’t quite as accurate when I asked about the restoration of our phone, Internet and TV service. I was told 8:00. That time came and went without restoration. It came and went again the next morning without restoration. I asked if it would be restored in time for me to complete intuitive sessions requiring the use of an Internet connection through my computer. I was told “Yes,” and yet I had to reschedule because we were still without Internet.And when I stop to think about it, I can see where my ego came out to lead the way for those questions. Even though it could be said that client sessions are vital to my wellbeing, since they pay my bills, the fact is that my question, when I asked it, wasn’t rooted in anything other than ego. All I was thinking was, “I need the Internet, and I need it now.”Convenience. Want. Desire. Demand, even. All ego.I wonder if there’s a difference for those who primarily use Tarot. I wonder if there’s something about the cards being a separate entity – like a pendulum – even though it could be said that they’re an extension of the practitioner’s energy. I haven’t experimented with it myself, although I know a number of Tarot readers who willingly inquire about time frames through Tarot, and use the card imagery to inform the response.

♥ Is it mostly or always accurate, though?♥ Is it possible to drill down to a definite month and year? I’m curious.

So, for us to attempt to draw a comparison or a connection between human time and spirit time is more than likely an exercise in futility. And it could be said that attempting to inquire about human time from the spirit realm is equally futile. Except, of course, when it isn’t.As the saying goes, it doesn’t hurt to ask.Oh. By the way, our Internet, TV and phone service was restored at 8:11 in the evening, a little more than 24 hours after I asked the question.Until next time. Take good care. Lots of love.

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