Energy Investigating and Clearing

Energy investigating and clearing (that's the order in which it's accomplished) is an ability I didn't take any courses for. I discovered the ability to do it by accident. Sort of.Shedding light on Energy Clearing and investigation.

Accidentally on Purpose, Sort Of

Late one summer night in 2010, a friend who lives solo in the woods, on a secluded lake, reported via Facebook that possible intruders were heard outside their cabin. The situation was emergent, and I knew I had to do something.I was sitting on a chaise in my living room, 300 miles away. I was concerned and determined, and suddenly, I was there.Mind you, I'd never been there before, and I still haven't been. However, I could make out, in a strangely distorted way, the shape of the cabin, the edge of the woods, the edge of the lake, and two human forms outside the cabin.Oddly enough (as though that isn't odd already), I could also see inside the cabin. I could see my friend's form, and I could see two other forms that I sensed were that friend's in-spirit parents.Whoa. What a trip.I focused on the two humans outside the cabin. They were huddled together behind a bush nearby. I approached the bush, and, following my intuition, I said aloud, "Boo."They ran. No joke. I can't say they heard me, and yet they heard or sensed something. It sent them running from the property, which was corroborated by my friend's next status update.With my newfound vision, I scanned the rest of my friend's property. The only thing of note was a deer.

Meanwhile, Back in My Livingroom

I was exhausted and exhilarated. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I also wanted to do it again, because it was so. very. cool.However, I was also confounded by what I'd done. I had never heard of such a thing (aside from astral travel, which is different). I couldn't locate anyone who, or any books that, could tell me more about it.It was another year before I used the ability again. A friend had moved into a new-to-her home, and there were some disturbances. I made arrangements to conduct an investigation - from my livingroom - while she was away. I purposely didn't visit her house beforehand.I "landed" in the area that is her livingroom, and encountered a spirit. There was an air of sadness, almost overwhelming. I identified her as a former owner of the house, and I suggested she go to be with her husband, who had moved into an assisted-living facility.


An "or" bubbled out of me that I didn't know existed:"Or, I can call in the light so you can cross over."The words came through me more than they came from me.Turns out, the investigating skill either included, or perhaps reminded me, of the ability to assist "stuck" spirits to pass from the physical plane. I could help them cross over. I could help them "go home" to Heaven.She chose to cross over. I called in the light, which, when it arrived, I recognized from an occasional meditation experience, and she disappeared into it.Whoa. What a trip.


I came to the realization that another aspect of that same light was available to clear the house of unnecessary and/or excess energy.I conducted an energy clearing of the house after investigating its three levels for anything else that may have been causing the reported disturbance. When I was done, the house glowed in an otherworldly way.Whoa. What a trip. (I promise I won't use that phrase again. This was the third time, and we all know three's a charm. ;-) )

What I Can See

When I conduct an investigation and clearing, which I do remotely, it's not as though I'm looking at a video of someone's home, or business, and property. Similar to energy healing, my view is mostly color and light - or the lack thereof.In general, I'm looking for, and seeing, excess energy, dark energy, energy portals, and spirits who may be stuck on the physical plane.However, the more I practice this ability, the more I'm able to discern.I can look from above - like a Google Earth view - and see down into a building, through all its layers, to get a general sense of what's going on, if anything.It's from this perspective that I can note the shape of a roofline, and if there are any outbuildings, and if there are any burial grounds or cemeteries in the vicinity.I can look from the front - like a Google Maps street view - and view a building's levels. It's from this perspective that I can sometimes get a snapshot of what the front of the house looks like from a physical viewpoint.And then I lower my field of view into the ground so I can view what's underneath the house - the basement or root cellar - and then what's underneath the foundation, if there is one.Inside a building, I can note how many rooms are on each floor, and if the footprint of one floor doesn't match the footprint of another.Every building is different, and the older ones come with way more information than newer ones. I describe it to clients as piling tracing paper together. Each sheet of tracing paper represents a layer in the building's history.Have you ever looked down on a pile of used tracing paper, and seen the various elements through the haze of the sheer paper? A historic building and its land can be like that.In essence, I see all of its various states of being at the same time. That can make determining what's of the present interesting. What I can count on is that I'll be shown what needs to be seen.

What I Can Sense

With another nod to the benefits of practice, I can sense the material of floors and walls. If a cellar is made of dirt, I can feel the dirt under my feet, for example.I can sense cabinetry, and sometimes furniture. I can sense dampness. Textures, predominantly, are what show up.And I can sense energy that's coating or inhabiting objects, in addition to spirit energy and the energy of entities. It's amazing the energy an object can hold, and the discomfort (or at least call to attention) that energy can create.

Safety First

When I mentioned this service in last week's post about energy healing, it came after a nod to the importance of safety when doing this type (and really all types) of energy work.Grounding, clearing, and protecting are mandatory preparations for me. While I follow my own ground/clear/protect (GCP) protocol every morning, I do some additional GCP ahead of energy clearing and energy healing. I also check in with my spirit team.Mostly, that's because it's a smart thing to do from a self-care perspective. However, it's also smart because I never know what I may encounter. (And I've encountered some very interesting things. That's for another post.)In addition, I prefer that no humans be in the home/office I'm clearing when I'm clearing it. Clearings bring stuff out into the open that would rather be hidden. Safety first, always.Are you familiar with energy clearing and investigating, or is it new to you? Feel free to share in comments.Need a space cleared? Email me: ellen (at)

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