Energy Healers, Feel Beyond Your Hands

Energy healers, feel beyond your hands. We're taught through Reiki and other energy-healing modalities to seek guidance through our hands. And yet they provide only a small portion of the information available to us.

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Of course we receive a wealth of information through our hands when we're working with ourselves, a client, a loved one, a plant or the planet. There's no denying or downplaying that. It's just that there's so much more we may tune into, when we practice awareness.

Beyond our hands...

...exists a world of impressions and insights and information that our fingertips and palms overlook.

In that world, we tune into all the clair senses for greater dimension of healing. We accomplish this through surrendering to the healing practice entirely, and relieving ourselves of expectation and judgement.

:: We observe through our third eye (clairvoyance) and see symbols and other images representing the healing necessary.

:: We feel sensations (clairsentience) through our own body in reflection of our subject's body.

:: We hear voices or tones or snippets of songs between our ears (clairaudience), offering deeper understanding and connection.

And then...

:: We taste something (clairgustance) that may supply a clue to our subject's dis-ease, or a possible remedy.

:: We smell a fragrance (clairalience) that may support a clearer insight for our subject.

:: We know (claircognizance) the best hand placements, even if they don't necessarily align with our subject's symptoms.

Energy healers...

We limit ourselves when we rely solely upon our healing hands. By stretching beyond the reaches of our hands, we enter new realms of potential both for our subjects and for ourselves.

This is an opportunity to expand both our practice and ourselves. Feel beyond and expand.

Blessed be.

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