Energy for the Week of 22 July 2019 (Rest!)

Energy for the Week of 22 July 2019 (Rest!)


We made it through last week's challenges, and now we approach a "soft spot" - a rest area - on our forward journey. How might we choose to rest?

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"Rest is work, too," I hear. And what a statement that is, coming from the ethers. The words smack with assurance that resting won't waste our valuable and precious time. And maybe that's what we humans who place so much value on our time need to hear so that we actually allow ourselves the "luxury" of rest.

"The way of this week acts as a respite. It opens itself as a way for repair and rest from the challenges which brought trouble and worry and fear and pain."

I mean, look at the imagery of the 4 of Swords*. While I don't see battle scars, the woman has clearly moved through something. And now, she curls up in her nest, heart on display, fetal position nearly assumed, and sleeps. She sleeps in "repair," yes, and yet there's a strong impression that she sleeps also in preparation.

"The Emperor assures you there arrives a wonderful opportunity that engages both worldliness and otherworldliness; both the human and the spirit."

(A wee aside here: I began typing this post at 2:11, and as I finished typing the channeled message just above I noticed the time again: 2:22. Also, both cards chosen are fours, which often speak to "great work," as I hear.)

Yes, the Emperor* on his worldly throne appears assured indeed; confident and prepared and open for guidance around the opportunity arriving - as above, so below.

"The engagement of both the human and the spirit weave a great energy through the opportunity, that it may reason with a divine wholeness."

That synergy of human and spirit becomes ever more important as we venture forward. And yet we must begin with rest, for which the question remains:

How might we choose to rest?

Blessed be.

*4 of Swords and the Emperor from The Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne.

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