Energy for the Month of November

Energy for the Month of November


There may be 12 days remaining in October, and yet it the days seem to go by ever faster. Perhaps it stands to reason, then, that it's timely to be looking ahead toward November: the month of gratitude.I'm guided to draw a couple of cards to give us some context for what's to come.Orphaned and The Tribe: Cards for November 2016's energy.These cards are from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Oracle deck.At first glance, they seem like polar opposites, don't they? Orphaned feels opposite to The Tribe's vibe. Let's see what they have to tell us.


"We see the elections will promote a feeling of separation which is unusually strong even for those who are with the openness of the one and oneness."There is a deep anxiety rising in the bodies of the people of the United States and it is powering the feeling of being orphaned from friends and relatives and coworkers in a way which is unprecedented to the current time."The underbelly of the anxiety is the feeling of misunderstanding and violation which has arisen through the election process. We see this will rise sharply as the month of November dawns."

Wow. Once again I find myself almost taken aback by the strength of feeling that comes with a message which reflects this week's guidance and a follow-up post that provides more insight.There's an aching hollowness to the feeling, which is an example of the energy this card and message exemplifies. The term "set adrift" comes up here. It's a term that brings to mind a boat on a blustery ocean with no means of returning to shore.Uncomfortable. Unfamiliar.Unwanted.There's a word here that may help: Choice.We have a choice as to how we allow this energy to interact with us. We aren't required to experience it as a "negative." We aren't required to suffer from it or through it.We aren't required to feel we stand alone.We can choose differently. We can choose to be connected; to have a lifeline, even if we do experience that frenetic and daunting ocean journey.Choose Peace: Energy for November 2016

The Tribe

"We see this will be the positive results of the election process. We see this will be the example of what will come when the election is concluded and the new president has been decided."We now see there is great need for the coming together of all people within the United States and across the world for a singular goal for the planet: Peace."

The energy for this card feels as big as the energy for our first card, and yet the quality of the energy is vastly different here.This is an energy that feels solid and certain. There's also a feeling of stretching and growing. It's a vastly supple and warmly elastic energy that promises growth and grace.If this energy was a thing, it would be warm taffy. There's nothing "wrong" about warm taffy, right? It's flexible and strong.

"We wish for you to be in understanding the fire which is the Orphaned energy will be a necessary gate to the energy which is The Tribe. Prepare to walk through the gate, and be energizing yourselves to choose how the gate is experienced."

This is our "heads up" on what's to come, and also our hope to hold on to.Peace will prevail. ?

Guidance for the Week of October 24, 2016

Energizing the Feminine