Energy for the July 23 New Moon

The 23 July new moon is nearly upon us. Her energy beckons and whispers everything except sweet nothings in our collective ears.This new moon is, as I just heard, "a badass." That isn't a term I use, ever. Interesting.

The powerful structure of the new moon which rises with the dawn will seek to vanquish all that would create blocks or barriers against the rising of the soul structure.

Well. I guess that's saying something. The only time I hear the word "vanquish" is on "Charmed." Huh.New Moon Energy for 23 July, 2017: If you open, it will come. | Intuitive EllenAnd, sure enough, the new moon rises here on the East coast at 5:45 am on Sunday. (It's my mom's birthday, too. How auspicious.)

With the rising of this new moon dawns the rising of the eclipse season, the zenith of which will be the full solar eclipse on August 21. In the midst of this high season, there is also the Mercury Retrograde which will wish to defer its energy to the moon.

My calendar tells me Mercury Retrograde commences 12 August and continues through 5 September.Time and Date tells me that here in Northern New England, which will witness a partial solar eclipse, the event commences at 11:46 am and concludes at 5:04 pm on 21 August.

The new moon supports the rising of the energy which will conspire to engage with all humans through the solar eclipse. The energy is that of a powerful magnet and it is for this reason that many feel its vibration at this time.

As I transcribed that last sentence, I was made to feel the energy that surrounds the eclipse. It feels like it could turn me inside out. That is a very powerful force.

With this new moon, we wish you will engage with that which supports the energy of your soul as it convenes with your human body. Through this engagement, there will enter upon you an energy which manifests the cooperation of the body with the full energy of the soul.

"...engage with that which supports the energy of your soul as it convenes with your human body..."

I'm hoping we're about to learn more about what we can engage with to support that. Since I feel like I need to close my eyes, I'll do that and see what shows up.I see a hand holding up three oracle cards. Then, I see a hand holding a swinging pendulum. Next, I'm shown hands holding divining rods, and the rods crossing as though they've found their mark.  Then, I see a swirling fog-like mass that, when I draw back from it, appears to be within a gazing ball.I hear the word "tools."

The tools which we have witnessed through Ellen will enrich your connection with the new moon, and set in motion the rise of an energy which will support the body to support the soul.

I needed to sit with that message for a minute or two and allow the gist of it to "blossom," as I just heard.What I'm understanding is, engaging with tools that are apart from our ego - that are powered solely by our intuition, which is a direct descendant of our soul - will position us to receive the energy update we require. Basically, we need to get out of our heads and into our hearts to initiate the download.That tells me that meditation could be another way to "register" the download. I got a yes on that, and also heard "prayer."

And what will that energy download achieve?

It will manifest "the cooperation of the body with the full energy of the soul."lol It's 3:33 on Thursday afternoon as I completed that sentence above. Taking a deep breath to support this deeper-than-expected topic.Maybe this is where I tell you that the channeled messages for this post are coming from the angel realms. Deep topic = big messengers.

We have concerns regarding the wellness of the human structure with the energy of the soul framework. To allay any repercussions which may result in fatigue or a form of vertigo, we wish you will engage with grounding energy and grounding foods.

Well, that's helpful. It also explains why it was insisted that a secondary category, Well-Being, be used for this post.Grounding energy is the practice of grounding. Whatever daily grounding practice you use, stay on top of it. If you don't use a daily grounding practice, there's no time like the present - meaning: today.

Grounding foods are all fruits and vegetables. Remember when you were told to eat your veggies? Ahem. Eat up.  ;-)

Open to receive the energy as we have stated here, and it will come. Present the energy of the soul through the human frame and prepare to rise ever further within the human life.

Rather than "If you build it, he will come," it's "If you open, it will come."Will you open? Blessed new moon.

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