Illumination: Energy for Autumn 2019

Illumination: Energy for Autumn 2019

As of 3:50 this morning, Eastern Time here in the U.S., it’s officially autumn. It’s felt very autumnal for weeks now, save for a few days of late-summer weather here and there - a reminder that season still took center stage. Now, though, it’s Autumn’s turn.

Welcome Autumn 2019

In preparing to draw the cards for this seasonal energy reading, it was unclear if there would be two or three cards. It became abundantly clear when my intuitive no presented itself in answer to the glint of my question after drawing the second card. Two it is.


And there was a phrase that came through immediately upon turning the two cards over: “Can’t touch this.” Can you see it in both cards? It’s more illustrated in 7 of Wands*, and yet Queen of Pentacles* vibes deeply with it as well through her warmly calm demeanor.


“The energy for this season of harvest and preparation for the quiet time reasons with the boundaries. The boundaries are necessary that the energy for the work that must be accomplished is protected and upheld.”


If you’re anything at all like me, the autumn months tend toward busyness super-sized. And that’s all well and good as long as we’re taking the necessary precautions to prevent other people and situations from pulling us away from our work - whether personal, business or both.

It’s perhaps helpful to note that there’s a very clear nod to receiving abundance through the work we undertake. If necessary, use that for added fuel. Even without it, though, that we have sacred purpose behind our work will carry us through and over the finish line.

In this supremely transformational season that sees Earth preparing for winter’s slumber, we’re called to create and hold boundaries for our own transformation. So mote it be.

So, dear one…

  1. Where do you need to create and/or uphold boundaries in your life?

  2. How will you commit to creating and/or upholding those boundaries?

  3. What does busyness mean for you in the autumn?

  4. What form of abundance might that busyness bring forth in your life?

Make it so. Blessed be.

*7 of Wands and Queen of Pentacles from The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne.

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